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30 Royalty-Free Cartoon Sound Effects

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We all remember those great sounds that accompanied the action in our favourite childhood cartoons. Sounds that over the years have become so much a part of our aural and emotional vocabulary that when we hear them on their own without their original accompanying actions, we know exactly what they signify. 

Sounds that are such powerful signifiers that they’re now used in many contemporary entertainment videos to give meaning, texture and humour to these productions. 

In this tutorial, I've listed the 30 most popular royalty-free cartoon sound effects to be found on AudioJungle. If you’re looking to bring some humour and variety to your own video production, you’re bound to find several here that will appeal. 

I’ve grouped the sounds under general categories to make them easier to browse.


If you're creating a video, a game or an app where you want to emphasise movement or certain aspects of a character's movement, here are five popular cartoon sounds to get you started. 

Streaming TaillightsStreaming TaillightsStreaming Taillights
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1. Falling

2. Fast Cartoon Exit Accent

3. Cartoon Bouncing

4. Swoosh

5. Pop Sounds


I've devoted a whole section to laughter because we can always use a bit of laughter in our lives and really there are so many great cartoon laugh sounds at AudioJungle, ranging from the very ominous Master Evil Big Laugh to the ever so creepy Laughter And Chuckles to the plain old silly Cartoon Snort Laughter

Have a listen and you'll be laughing up a storm yourself in no time.

Laughing ManLaughing ManLaughing Man
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6. Master Evil Big Laugh

7. Witch

8. Kids Laughing

9. Laughter And Chuckles

10. Cartoon Snort Laughter

Classic Cartoon Sounds

There are some sounds that are hard to define but nevertheless are classics of the cartoon world, like Cartoon Failure 2, which is forever linked to a character's failing to achieve something they were attempting. 

This is a great collection to have on hand for your next project. 

Child playing dressupChild playing dressupChild playing dressup
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11. Record Scratch

12. Cartoon Failure 2

13. Slide Whistle

14. Idea

15. Clock Ticking


And, of course, no list would be complete without including some of the cartoon sounds that accompany a big moment in the action. 

Ballet DancerBallet DancerBallet Dancer
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16. Drum Roll

17. Ta-Da Orchestra Fanfare

18. Cartoon Big Win

19. Cartoon Fanfare 4

20. Gong


Whether you're into fairytales or not, this collection is a great addition for any project where there's a moment of reveal or transformation or creepy moments when you want to drum up a sense of foreboding. 

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21. Magic Wand

22. Magic Spell Harp

23. Dreams & Flashbacks

24. Crow

25. Owl


Rounding up the list is a collection of communication effects, ranging from character sounds to exclamations to aimless chatter. 

Cartoons often rely more on actions than words, but these sound effects are a great way to give your characters a voice when it counts.

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26. Cartoon Talk 1

27. Cartoon Snoring

28. Uh Oh

29. Cartoon Scream Short

30. Cartoon Man Mumbling


These 30 royalty-free cartoon sound effects are just a small selection of the thousands of sound effects available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and or editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has on offer.

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