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A video game without sound would be quite boring, that's for sure. 

To excite players, you'll need cool, top-quality, royalty-free video game sound effects. For a few ideas check the examples in this article. Here, you'll find the best selection of royalty-free video game sound effects on AudioJungle.

1. Achieved 

This first effect is the sound you want to hear whenever you play a video game. It lets you know that you've completed a mission or stage successfully.

2. You Lost 

Contrary to the last one, this is the sound you'll not want to hear as it lets you know that you've failed.

3. Massive Impact SFX 2 

There are a myriad different situations that could require an impactful sound. Add extra tension to games with this sound effect.

4. Correct Answer 

This sound effect will be like music to your ears. It's validation that you did something right in a video game journey.

5. Score One 

The sweet, smooth jingle in this royalty-free sound effect will let players know they're on the right track.

6. Comedic Game Over Sound 

Sometimes, you lose. For such occasions, you will need a sound effect that will convey that sad sentiment exactly. This is the one for that.

7. Next Level 

For a sound that tells the players: 'You did it!', try the 'Next Level' royalty-free sound effect. It's the sound of success. 

8. Game Over FX 

In other situations, you need a sound that let the players know, 'You definitely didn't do it'. For those times, make use of this one.

9. Takeoff and Drop 

Depending on the game or audiovisual project you're putting together, you may need the sound of a takeoff and drop.

10. Female Screaming Oh My Gosh 

The characters in your video games also need to react to the situations that arise. This sound effect is that of a female screaming 'Oh My Gosh'

11. Slot Sound 2 

This sound effect puts a smile on players' faces. I means you've made some sort of progress in the game.

12. Bad Man Laugh 

Villains are some of the best characters in video games. Give a villian a truly evil laugh with this royalty-free sound effect containing different evil laughs.

13. Points 

Earning points can be an incredibly exciting feat to accomplish. Use this sound effect to accompany that special occasion. 

14. Dark Impact Prompt 

If you require the sound of a blast, boom, or other dramatic impact in a video game, give this effect a try.

15. Cartoon Cat Meow 

Cats make for great side-kicks (and even protagonists) in video games. Get yours to meow in different ways with this royalty-free sound effect.

16. 8bit Lose 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you end up losing in an 8-bit video game. Inform the unlucky players of their fate with this track. Classic and retro.

17. Giant Impact 2 

If you need another option to add the effect of a giant impact happening in the game, listen to this sound.

18. School Bell 

Get the sound of an alarm, an alert, a bell or other in a video game or other audiovisual project.

19. Bonus Coin 

Get those extra coins and points! When they listen to this sound, the audience and players will rejoice.

20. Blackboard Cleaning Chalkboard 

Probably one of the most irritating sounds ever is that of cleaning a blackboard. If you need it in your project for some reason, here it is.  

21. Impacts SFX Pack 1 

Get a taste of different sounds of impacts and select the one that helps you tell your story in the most accurate manner.

22. Coin Oldschool 

Clean and simple, yet effective and satisfying. Make use of this effect to give your video game an old-school coin sound.

23. Game Coin Pack 

When you hit play on this royalty-free video game sound effect, you'll get a full collection of game coin sounds. Choose the one you like best. 

24. Falling 

For a cartoonish approach to the sound of something falling, you should take a listen to this sound effect.

25. Harp Points 

The harp creates beautiful music. It also creates the sound of points earned in video games.

26. Set of 9 Slot Win Sounds 

Winner winner chicken dinner! Here's an array of slot win sounds to congratulate game winners. 

27. Classic Game Level Up 

Why mess with something that's already great? For cases when you don't want to make a fuzz about things, use this classic game level up effect. Retrotastic!

28. Metal Impact 

Create a dramatic impact in your video games or other multimedia projects with the use of this royalty-free sound effect.

29. HUD Menu Fx 

Basically every sound effect under the sun is found in this track. Listen to it and make use of its wide variety of effects.

30. Retro Gaming (Music+FX) - Vol.1 

The olde video games of yore definitely had their charm. Get some of that back and into your own game with this retro royalty-free sound effect. This'll bring back memories ...for those of you old enough!


Imagine playing a game, winning a coin, or levelling up, but not getting the corresponding sound. It would be incredibly disappointing, wouldn't it? For the video game to be truly immersive and exciting, it needs to employ the right sound effects. 

Scroll through the post above to listen to some of the finest royalty-free sound effects available to you. If you're missing a specific one, however, search AudioJungle's vast library to find the exact sound you're looking for. Or browse the growing collection of free game sound effects on Mixkit.

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