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35 Audio Tutorial Sites That Will Keep You Learning

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This post is part of a series called The Monster List of Audio Sites.
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The reason you're here on our site is because you're interested in audio tutorials. I think we do a great job: we have a huge number of excellent tuts - both free and premium. But we know we haven't cornered the market. There are an amazing number of audio tut sites out there, and the number seems to grow every year. Here are 35 of the best.

And the list is growing. We've taken lists from previous articles, added the ones you've suggested in the comments and Open Mics, and discovered a few more. But we know we haven't listed them all. Please let us know all the ones we've forgotten in the comments, so our next update will be even more complete.

Most audio tutorial sites are general in nature. They cover a range of digital audio workstation software, and they also teach you the audio production terminology and techniques that you need to know. We've covered those sites under "General" - 25 sites out of the 35 total.

But some sites are much more focused - they're dedicated to their favorite DAW. Think of them as "fan" sites. We listed them under separate headings after the general sites. We've found much fewer of these, but we're probably missing quite a few. Please help us track down as many as possible for our next update.

Finally, we've removed a few sites that we previously had on the list. Some have gone "missing in action" - or at least were down on the day we went checking. Others brought up security warnings that they contained spyware. We didn't feel it was responsible to include those sites until the issues have been resolved.

So, here they are - 35 tutorial sites that will teach you almost everything you need to know about audio production. Most are free, though some require payment to see some of their content. And because this is a list of resources and not a review, the descriptions in most cases come directly from the sites' "About" pages. Have fun exploring!


1. Audiotuts+

Well, we have to mention ourselves, so let's get it over with. You're here, so you probably already know a bit about us. Check out our About page for the details, and also check out our Premium tutorial site if you're willing to invest a bit of money into your education.

2. YouTube

I think you can search for just about anything on YouTube and find good tutorials on it - as long as you're willing to work your way through the good and the bad. The same applies for audio. There's a lot there. Some are great, some are not.

In future revisions of this article we're planning to highlight some particularly good YouTube channels. If you have some favorites, let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to include them in next year's version.

3. macProVideo

" is an online education community featuring Tutorial-Videos & Training for popular Audio & Video Applications including Adobe CS, Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, and more."

4. Bobby Owsinski's "The Big Picture" Blog

"This is Bobby’s production-oriented blog where he discusses everything you ever wanted to know about recording and music production. A popular feature is his breakdown and analysis of isolated tracks of popular songs."

5. Audio Issues

"If you are just starting out doing some home recording or have been engineering for a while, these quick and easy audio tips are guaranteed to be of interest and use to you."

6. Sonic Academy

"Whether you are a DJ, producer or a singer/songwriter, we have all the core online training material for you to learn from and gain that competitive edge! "

8. Key of Grey

"As the technical barriers of creating music are lowered, what was once only the domain of technical wizards has become accessible to everyone, everywhere, at anytime. With the abundance of new computer software that makes music easy and fun to create, a whole new group of enthusiasts is able to do in minutes what would have taken an expert days to do only a few years ago. “Key of Grey” is a resource for new songwriters and producers who want to learn how to produce a quality product with a minimum of technical jargon."

9. Home Studio Corner

"Home Studio Corner (HSC) gives you LOTS of ways to expand your recording knowledge, hone your recording skills, and make better recordings.

  • Articles – I’ve written a TON of articles here on HSC. They cover a wide range of topics, everything from acoustic treatment to recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. You’ll find a wealth of information hidden in the HSC archives.
  • Videos – There are few things better than a nice tutorial video, where you watch someone else work on something, then you have that magical “ah-ha” moment. My goal with all of the free videos is to give you little “ah-ha” moments that make you a better engineer.
  • Training Products – I’m constantly creating new training products for HSC readers, everything from standalone tutorial video series to live online training courses. You can check them on the products page. If you’re not into paying for training material, no worries. I welcome you to peruse all of the free content here on HSC. It’s here for you."

10. Electronic Musician

"Electronic Musician is not merely a recording magazine but covers all aspects of music production—performance, recording and technology, from studio to stage. With in-depth coverage on today’s most influential music makers, reviews and analysis of the latest music technology and hands-on production techniques, the new Electronic Musician delivers editorial quality and audience reach like no other media brand does."

11. Wire to the Ear

The popular pro-audio weblog with daily articles on creating music with computers, sequencers, plug-ins, synthesizers, microphones and more. On going discussions about song writing, the music business, promotion, live performances, publishing, royalties and great music recommendations.

12. Audio Geek Zine

"AGZ was started in 2007 by recent recording school grad Jon Tidey. Originally the intention was to publish several articles all at once each week, similar to a zine. As schedules got busier and contributing writer interest waned it started to make sense to publish new content immediately rather than weekly. That’s when the blog started to grow into the format you see today.
On this site you will find articles; videos; tutorials; and interviews relating to recording; mixing; mastering; sound design; and music production."

13. BPB (Bedroom Producers Blog)

"This blog is dedicated to the community of home music producers, as well as all the developers, sound designers, and acclaimed companies that release some or all of their products for free."


"You might think that a website with the name would teach you how to set up a bare bones studio in your bedroom, but there's so much more than that here! You need to start somewhere (a bedroom or living room is a great place to get your feet wet), but you are on your way to better results no matter where you record!

"I want this website to be a guide, a booster. Together we can cover the important steps in making a recording you'll be proud of. You have to be willing to learn, spend a few dollars (stuff ain't free!), and take the time to work with it, and I know good things will happen!"

15. Mixing

"Useful tips - easily explained."

16. Hiphop Makers

"Hip Hop Makers was launched in 2008 to help up & coming music makers like myself by providing helpful articles, resources, and more."

17. The Musician's Guide

"The Musician's Guide is a website full of music promotion and marketing resources to help musicians succeed in the new music industry. The website launched in 2009, and has since become the #1 portal for musicians to find music contracts, contact lists, video courses, music promotion books, and a wealth of other information on promoting and marketing music.

"The aim of this website is to provide musicians with the best information and tools to help them succeed in the music business. The website is ran by a number of contributors and partners with various specialities including music law, touring, online marketing, artist management and much more."

18. TweakHeadz Lab

"The #1 site for learning about home and project studios."

19. WinkSound

"WinkSounds is your source for free music and audio technology videos. Featuring: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, Cubase and more."

20. The Recording Revolution

"My goal for this blog is to educate and empower a new generation of musicians and songwriters to make outstanding music with their home studio. I hope to break through the hype and marketing that tells people they need to spend more money if they want better results. I want to eliminate any and all excuses prohibiting great talent from making great recordings."

21. Record, Mix & Master

"An essential reference site for beginners and intermediates in pro audio recording."

22. techMUZE!

"As the podcast progressed and the TechMuze community began to develop I found that most of the questions I received from listeners focused on the topic of mixing (probably because I talk about it a lot!). So, I decided to try my hand at taking everything I’ve learned about modern mixing (in the past 18 years or so) and create a course that folks could join to get all of their questions answered and to avoid a lot of the time sucking mistakes that I’ve made along the way."

23. Pensado's Place

Part of the This Week In web TV network, this site offers video interviews of well-known music producers.

24. War Beats

"Yes you will learn how to make better beats and improve your skills here, but Warbeats is more of a community or club, not a school.

You come through and learn and grow by being an equal member to everyone else. Your hard work and dedication are key and that's something we can't give you, but we will let you in the clubhouse!"

25. Production Advice

"When I’m recording, mixing or mastering, I have only one goal in mind: I want people’s jaws to drop. I want them to look at me, thunderstruck, and say – “This sounds incredible!” My guess is that if you’re reading this, you feel the same way. If so, then this is the site for you – because I want to help you make people’s jaws drop. I’m lucky enough that this has happened to me numerous times in my career, and I know I can help you achieve it, too."

Logic Pro


"If you want to get the most out of your Logic software suite and learn all the latest tips, tricks and workflow methods then this brand new online training course provides the perfect solution for you.

"Logic Courses provides both a basic/intermediate and advanced level course to support all levels of users, and the courses are delivered through a series of online video tutorials which you can access at any time, from wherever you are."

Propellerhead Reason


"If you want to get the most out of your Reason software suite and learn all the latest tips, tricks and workflow methods then this brand new online training course provides the perfect solution for you.

"Reason Courses provides both a basic/intermediate and advanced level course to support all levels of users, and the courses are delivered through a series of online video tutorials which you can access at any time, from wherever you are."


"This website brings to you a new and exciting way to learn how to use Propellerheads Reason 4 software.

"Each tutorial covers a different topic, and once you have watched them all, you will have a good understanding of how to use Reason 4 to its full potential."

Ableton Live

29. Nick's Tutorials

"I originally started this site in October of 2008 for the purpose of doing video tutorials on music production and sound design. Since then this goal has been met with many tutorial packages and more planned for the future, making this site a comprehensive Ableton Live tutorial resource."

30. Music Software

"Here you should find a wealth of resources for Ableton Live. If you are in a band or are an aspiring Remixer, Producer or DJ, you’ve found the right place! I want to go further than just showing you every new production trick to get “that” sound. That’s not really my thing. I’d prefer to instilled in you the habits & processes of creative people. You’ll discover it’s less about the tools they are using & more about what’s happening in their heads. Of course you can also expect a wealth of useful Ableton tips that leave you open to explore your own musical path."


"If you want to get the most out of your Ableton Live software suite and learn all the latest tips, tricks and workflow methods then this brand new online training course provides the perfect solution for you.

" provides both a basic/intermediate and advanced level course to support all levels of users, and the courses are delivered through a series of online video tutorials which you can access at any time, from wherever you are."

32. Tom Cosm

"Well this is me and this is my website. It started as a place to share my music, which then extended to sharing my knowledge, which then extended to people joining up and having a nice place to swap ideas.... and now it's a buzzing little community of likeminded people, what fun!"


33. GarageBand & Beyond

A YouTube channel dedicated to GarageBand and home recording.


34. The REAPER Blog

"The aim of this website is to be an indispensable resource for the REAPER user community, providing news, reviews, tips & tricks, and detailed tutorials on music production using the REAPER software."

NI Maschine

35. Maschine

"This site was started by Maschine users for Maschine users. For those wanting to learn Maschine, or wanting a place to improve their current skills and share their own tips and advice. It is also intended as a general place to explore and discuss various aspects of Maschine and music production in general, in a controlled and friendly environment. One free from trolling, internet stalking, e-bullying, and all other nonsense we usually encounter in public forums. We feel the small price of admission weeds out the troublemakers and those who are only interested in causing conflict, this allows those who really want to discuss their craft seriously, to have a place to do so.

"We felt it was time to consolidate the information and knowledge on hand, and put it into a resource that people can tap into whenever they need to. The internet allows things to operate 24 hours a day, and sometimes We get a question while we are sleep, but for the person asking it’s a question they could really use help with because they are actually in a studio session on the other side of the world!"

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