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50 Game Show Sound Effects and Music: Ultimate Collection

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The lights are flashing. The crowd is going wild. The timer is counting down. And you have to answer the final question. This is a highly exciting scenario in a game show. Still, it wouldn't be able to live up to its hype if it didn't have the right music and sound effects to go along with it.

Give game show visuals the perfect auditory companions with the royalty-free options I've rounded-up in this post. You can find all of them, and more, on AudioJungle.

1. Stylish Upbeat Energetic Rock 

To start this list, there's this energetic rock song. It's perfect to introduce or end game shows.

2. Documentary Logo 

With this royalty-free music track, you can build up the tension in a game show.

3. Access 

This option is a more relaxing tune, which would fit perfectly at the end of a game show.

4. American Jackpot Last Round 

If you want a game show to be intense, here's the right music track for it.

5. American Jackpot Tension Bed 2 

It's time for the contenders to give their final answer. Add drama to the scene with this song.

6. American Jackpot Tension Bed 1 

Like the previous song, this one could fit in nicely when you need to increase the tension.

7. American Jackpot Standby 

Listen to this song and imagine the camera showing the participants' nervous faces.

8. Slow Quiz Show Countdown 

Even though this song is calmer, it can still make the audience feel the stress in the show.

9. Fast Clock Ticking 02 

Few things are as nerve-wracking as a fast ticking clock. Use this royalty-free game show sound effect.

10. Quiz Thinking 

Employ this song to liven up the portion of the show where the contestants are thinking.

11. An Epic Countdown 

Countdowns can be epic. Give your game show an epic countdown with this music track.

12. Downtempo Beat Loop 

With 'Downtempo Beat Loop' give the illusion of the passing of time in a show.

13. Game Show Loser 

Game shows have winners and losers. To evidence that someone has made a blunder, use this effect.

14. Epic Countdown Logo 

If you need your countdown to sound incredibly intense and powerful, this is the song to use.

15. Game Show Buzzer Wrong Answer 

This royalty-free game show sound effect gives you another option for when someone answers incorrectly.

16. Game Show Buzzer Wrong Answer 2 

Likewise, this track provides an alternative to the 'wrong answer buzzer' sound effect but with a higher pitch.

17. Powerful 80s Motivational Rock 

Get your audience, your contestants, and everybody involved hyped up with this rock song.

18. Clock Ticking 

Time is of the essence in game shows. The incessant ticking of the clock makes everyone nervous.

19. Question Logo 

This sound effect gives game shows a lighter and more relaxed vibe to them. 

20. Answer to the Question Ident 

For a short musical transition that can fill in the silence in certain parts of the show, try this one.

21. Minimal Bells Ring Tone Loop 

Let's say that during the show, a contestant gets bonus points or a bonus question. This could be the sound for it.

22. Minimal Bells Ring Tone Loop 2 

Alternative, you could employ this royalty-free sound effect to notify the public or contestants.

23. Right Answer 

Just as there are those who answer wrong, others answer right. And this is the sound effect they'll hear.

24. Happy Bells Bonus Level Up Pack 

This pack presents a variety of 'happy bells' to be used to vitalise game show projects.

25. Alarm Buzz 

If you need an obnoxiously loud alarm buzz going off, this is the sound effect you need.

26. Game Show Waiting Timer 

For a classic approach to a waiting timer song, listen to this royalty-free game show music track.

27. Slow Quiz Show Timer 

Make the passing of time more evident in a show with a tune such as 'Slow Quiz Show Timer'. 

28. Game Show Brass Logo 

To create a vigorous and intense statement in your multimedia projects, try with this sound effect.

29. Casino Slot Machine 

The sound effect of a casino slot machine is handy for a game show project. 

30. Happy Ding 4 

A happy ding, like the one in this effect, can be a positive signal to the contestants in your game show.

31. Game On 

If you're searching for an energetic, upbeat song to start your show, look no further than this one.

32. Show Opener 

If brass instruments, funk, and high-energy is more your style, listen to this royalty-free music track.

33. News Countdown 

Have the audience and contestants biting their nails with the 'News Countdown' music track.

34. Quiz Show Thinking 

This music track has an ominous tone that elevates the stress levels in a game show. 

35. Correct 

The sweet ding of a bell will allow the contenders in the game show know when they're right.

36. Tension Bed Loop 1 

Increase the tension and excitement in the game show with this royalty-free music track.

37. Dramatic Game Show Theme 1 

This track's title lets you know everything you need to know about it: it's a dramatic game show theme.

38. Great Idea 

If one of the competitors is on the right track, the 'Great Idea' sound effect could tell them that.

39. Comedy Show Theme Walk on Music 

A game show that doesn't take itself as seriously as others, will benefit greatly from this track.

40. Ukulele Reggae Song 

Once the show has ended and the tension has diminished, this song sees the audience out.

41. Tension Bed Loop 3 

Make contestants and audience feel nervous and uneasy with this tension-inducing song.

42. Buzz 

The sound effect of a buzzer sound is a must for game show projects.

43. Casino Slot Machine 

If you need a different slot machine sound effect, listen to this one. It's more modern than the previous one. 

44. Marimba Game Start Countdown 

For a classic countdown sound played by a marimba, employ this game show sound effect.

45. Funny Games 

Give a game show a sillier and lighter vibe with this royalty-free music track.

46. A Game of Questions 

Give a game show a fun twist with this musical element. It's upbeat, funky and full of brass instruments.

47. Ringtone 3 

Announce or notify contestants of a situation in the game show with the 'Ringtone 3' sound effect.

48. Game Show Crowd Reactions 

What's a game show without crowd reactions? Have an audience clap and cheer with this pack.

49. Game Show Quiz Clock 

A slower, calmer royalty-free music track can help you build the tension in your game show.

50. Kids Playtime 

To finish off this list, there's 'Kids Playtime' which can add a playful element to your game show project.


Don't let crickets fill in the silence in your game shows! Use the different royalty-free game show music tracks and sound effects in this post to give projects the excitement and hype they need. 

If you didn't find the perfect match here, you can browse AudioJungle's huge library until you come across with the auditory companion your audiovisuals require. Or see what you can find in the growing collection of free stock music and free game sound effects at Mixkit.

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