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Add Drama, Depth and Emotion to Movies With Royalty-Free Music Tracks

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'Emotion' is probably one of the first words that comes to mind when you think about a dramatic movie. And with good reason: dramatic movies are filled with a wide range of deep moods.The point about them is to tell a story that makes the audience feel those complex emotions. 

However, to guarantee that your audience will receive your message appropriately, you need a musical score that carries out that same emotion. 

To make searching for those heartstrings-tugging musical pieces easier on you, I've gathered the best dramatic royalty-free music tracks that AudioJungle has available in its library. 

1. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer 

In this first royalty-free music track, a very nostalgic piano and strings start an increasingly powerful piece that evolves into a very inspiring, positive and uplifting song.

2. Epic Trailer Uplifting Drama 

To add power and an epic quality to your multimedia projects, try this orchestral arrangement that includes background vocals, a relentless piano and thunderous sounds. 

3. Dark Matters 

Dramatic audiovisual pieces dabble into the suspenseful, mysterious and outright creepy. Make sure your audience gets that with this aptly titled 'Dark Matters' track.

4. Wind of Freedom 

Inspired by the great film score composers of our time (Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, and more), this track carries a beautifully emotional sentiment on its wings.

5. Cinematic Trailer 

Imagine a camera soaring over an army of medieval soldiers ready to defend their territory. This royalty-free piece would go perfectly with that deeply tense and emotional scene.

6. Echoes of Pandora 

'Echoes of Pandora' has a pretty epic name that lives up to the pretty epic song it is. As you would expect, it has some instrumental arrangements that tug at the heartstrings.

7. Mystery Cinematic Action Trailer 

For a bit of a more aggressive approach to dramatic music, press 'play' on this royalty-free music track. It has an air of mystery that could be perfect for thrillers or action projects.

8. Cinematic Strings Trailer 

This tune is the ideal score for a climactic and powerful scene. For example, I imagine this track would work nicely in a battle scene for an action-packed superhero movie.

9. Cinematic Suspense 

The right ambiance in projects transports an audience to a different place and state of being. If you want to take them on a dramatic journey, this is the song to do it with.

10. Epic Suspenseful 

With a high-pitched sound that's typical of suspenseful moments in movies, this royalty-free music track can keep your audience at the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen.

11. Epic 

If your multimedia project is in need of a more cinematic, inspirational and epic score, this is a great option for it. It has some electronic elements to it that make it more enticing.

12. The End is Coming 

What's more dramatic than a title such as 'The End is Coming'? With its expert mixture of brass, harp, strings and percussion, it adds a lot of drama to your movie.

13. Modern Cinematic Opening Credits 

For a softer approach to dramatic movie scores, lend an ear to 'Modern Cinematic Opening Credits'. It'll give your audiovisuals a more understated emotional feel.

14. Epical Cinematic 

Let's say you have an adventure movie with hints of drama here and there. To get the audience excited to watch the escapades your heroes get in, score it with this track.

15. Grave Encounters 

Let's end the list on a very dark and sinister tone with 'Grave Encounters'. The moment you listen to it, you'll want to run from the zombies and ghouls that are surely coming your way!


Needless to say, having the wrong score for your dramatic audiovisual projects could completely derail your efforts to portray an emotion-filled product. 

On the other hand, having the right musical companions to your dramatic movies adds depth, thrill and feeling to what's being showed on the screen.

Listen to the selection I've put together here to find the perfect tune for your dramatic projects. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, browse through AudioJungle's awesome assortment of royalty-free music tracks.

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