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10 Fruitful FL Studio Tutorials

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Read Time: 4 mins

FL Studio is a DAW with a pattern-based philosophy and a unique workflow. It started life as a MIDI drum editor in 1998, and has gained features over the years until it has become a great alternative DAW.

CNET Staff comment: “FL Studio offers a tremendous value for what you get. Comparable products cost nearly twice as much. FL Studio’s quirky sound generators and interoperability make it a great addition to any studio. Be warned, though: several versions of FL Studio are available, so more features are included as the price goes up.”

Last week’s article covered FL Studio’s history and features. This week we learn how to use it. Here are 17 tutorials coming from Youtube and Audiotuts+. The Image-Line website lists Video Tutorials on its support menu. Unfortunately only registered users have access, and a log in is required.

This article was previously published on the AudioJungle blog. We'll be bringing you an article from the archives each week.

1. Fruity Loops Tutorial: Making a Hip Hop Beat in FL Studio 9 using P5audio sounds

"This Fruity Loops tutorial shows you how to make a Hip Hop beat Timbaland style in FL Studio 9 using sounds and loops from P5audio.com. Download free loops and sounds for Fruity Loops at www.p5audio.com/fruity-loops.php."

2. FL-Studio 9 Preview

"The new generation of the FL Studio 9. New plugins and new style!"

3. FL Studio Tutorial Basics - Vocoder Explained - Warbeats Tutorial

"From Warbeats.com: How to use the FL Studio Vocoder."


"A little tutorial on fruity loops explaining the typical formation of a Trancelead by Beat Theory."

5. FL Studio Midi Keyboard Recording Update

"This is a follow up video on my midi keyboard recording video. In this video I will address the most frequent problems people encouter as they are setting up for midi recording in fl Studio. I am also going to give you a live demo on how to record with your midi keyboard."

6. Creating a Funky Synthbass Sound in FL Studio

Mar 3rd in FL Studio, Sound Design by Jacek Majer

In dance music genres such as house, the bass plays an important role – in many cases being the key to a successful track. This depends not only on the bassline arrangement but also on the texture of the sound. The character of this instrument must fit with other components, that create – in this case – a complete soulful or funky house track.

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7. How to Make a Dubstep-Style Wobble Bass in FL Studio 8

Oct 21st in FL Studio, Production by Luke Wolfenden

The wobble bass, used frequently in the Dubstep genre, is a sound that well, wobbles! It consists of a low pass filter with a LFO assigned to the cut off. That may sound extremely complicated, but in actual fact it’s quite easy to do and master. You can find examples of this technique used in Benga’s “Drums West.”

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8. Make a Crazy Drum and Bass Breakbeat by Slicing and Dicing in FL Studio

Aug 14th in FL Studio, Production by Dean Kelly

You may have witnessed Drum & Bass’s dramatic evolution over the past decade. From it’s Jungle origins Drum & Bass has now matured into a genre that overflows with adrenaline, excitement, strong production values and an intensity rarely found in music today. To think all of this began with the a spark of inspiration and some drum-solos (breakbeats) sampled from black soul and funk recordings of the early 1960’s.

In this tutorial you will learn the time honored techniques of manipulating one of these famous breaks and fashioning it into Drum & Bass sensibilities.

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9. How to Re-create Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’ in FL Studio

Aug 9th in FL Studio, Production by Nic Bertino

It isn’t often that a simple, under-produced beat is the soundtrack to a song that sells millions of copies. Even more amazing was that Soulja Boy was able to create this song using only stock sounds that come with FL Studio!

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to re-create Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s ‘Crank That’ in FL Studio. This process will walk you through the construction of a #1 smash-hit and demonstrate that you don’t need top of the line tools to create a best-selling hip hop track.

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10. How to Autotune Your Vocals Like T-Pain, Cher or Daft Punk

Jul 8th in FL Studio, Production by Nic Bertino

Ever heard a song by T-Pain on the radio and wondered how the robotic vocal effect is achieved? By the end of this tutorial, you will own the autotuning sound that is used on so many pop records right now.

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