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10 Guitar-envying Keytar Solos

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Lots of keyboard players feel trapped behind their instrument when performing on stage, and look with envy at their free guitar-playing band mates. They dream about dropping anchors and sailing out from behind that big barrier. Well, here are ten people brave enough to give it a try. How do you think they went?

You'll see lots of Roland keyboards, a Casio, a toy from the 80s, and... I give up - what is that thing Jordan Rudess is playing? Combining the right sounds and effects, practicing lots of scales and having a great pitch bend technique seem to be what it takes.

What do you think about keytars - ah, portable keyboards? Do you play one yourself? Do you think they're for show offs? Do you think they look big and funny? Do they inspire you? And what do you think about these performances? Which one takes the cake? All opinions gladly accepted in the comments!

1. Rick and Adam Wakeman on Keytar playing "Tudorock"

"From Rick Wakeman's Six Wives of Henry VIII concert on May 2, 2009 at Hampton Court Palace. This is an excerpt from one of Rick's new songs, called Tudorock, played as an encore."

2. Best Keytar Player Ever!

This guys got it all - the chops, the moves... and the sunglasses!

3. Belinda Bedekovic

"Only the best keytarist in the world. Not to mention her sweet dance moves! Belinda now has a Fan Club so you can join and keep up with her latest awesomeness!"

4. Muse - Keytar Solo @ Barcelona

"Matt Bellamy plays keyboard guitar in the interlude leading up to Undisclosed Desires. Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona."

5. Keytar Shredding To Metallica

"Having some fun shredding to "My Apocalypse" by Metallica on the keytar. I'm sure Metallica would hate this."

6. Casio CZ-101 with AZ-1 Controller Keytar

"Short vid of my Casio CZ-101 controlled by a custom painted AZ-1 remote. Background sequence on a Sequential Circuits Pro~1."

7. Keytar Solo

"Another clip of the ever-popular Elena Shemankova playing keytar for Red Elvises 'Closet Disco Dancer'."

8. Stratovarius - Stratosphere DUAL (Guitar & Keytar)

"Another Tribute to Timo Tolkki: Dual Cover (Guitar & Keytar) of Stratosphere, an amazing Stratovarius song. Guitar: Paco Aranda. Keytar: Jose Aranda."

9. Brett Domino Trio - Beat It - Keytar

"This is my band, The Brett Domino Trio, performing Michael Jacksonses 'Beat It' entirely on keyboards."

Search for their UK's Got Talent video too.

10. Jordan Rudess VS John Petrucci

"Jordan going at it with his keytar. Possibly the best Keytar solo I have ever seen. Taken from "Chaos in motion" DVD."

So there we have it. Feel free to share your thoughts and favorites in the comments!

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