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10 Inspiring and Unusual Christmas Carol Arrangements


Christmas is upon us, and everywhere I go I'm surrounded by holiday music. There are the electronic gadgets that buzz out Christmas melodies, carol muzac in the shopping centers, and richly orchestrated arrangements on the Christmas specials on TV. I'm looking for something a little different.

If I'm going to listen to Christmas music, I'd like to hear an interesting and different arrangement. So I turned to Youtube, and after hours of tedious listening, here are 10 arrangements that I find inspiring, unusual, or both. Some are polished commercial recordings, while others were recorded live in the bedroom, and the "roughness" is part of the appeal. One thing's for sure: they're different!

If you have your own favorites - or have created some music for the holidays yourself - let us know where to find it in the comments. Envato wish you a great Christmas and holiday season.

1. "O Come All Ye Faithful", Jeremy Camp

Great vocals with a varied guitar accompaniment. The rhythm section picks up after the first time through, and a cello comes in later. I wish there was more to the video.

2. "Carol of the Bells", Trace Bundy

A great instrumental acoustic guitar arrangement, with parts played with one hand. I love the tone of the guitar, and the variety in Trace's playing.

3. "O Holy Night", Justin Figueroa

This guy can sing. There is amazing tone and emotion in his voice. He accompanies himself on acoustic guitar, but the vocals are what won me over with this one.

4. "Silent Night", Christofer Drew

There is a raw, heart-felt quality to Chris's singing. Again, the guitar is outshone by the vocals.

5. "Drummer Boy", Jars of Clay

The Christmas bells at the beginning of the song are replaced with a great acoustic guitar rhythm after the first minute. It's a great change-up.

6. "Silent Night", Chrishhh

Another instrumental guitar arrangement, this one with lots of finger-picking, and again great guitar tone.

7. "O Holy Night", Jessica Simpson

You can't argue with Jessica Simpson's voice - or her smile. But I added this one because of the great gospel piano arrangement. I love the bite in the attack of the piano sound.

8. "Drummer Boy (Girl)", EKeitan

Probably the most "different" on this page - the guitar is used as a drum, and played in a way that would inspire August Rush.

9. "The First Noel", Chris Manuel

A third acoustic guitar instrumental, this one with some interesting chord choices and ad-lib passages.

10. "Aussie Jingle Bells", Bucko and Champs

This song by Colin Buchanan (best known for his Playschool antics) shows the rest of the world what an Aussie Christmas is really like.

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