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10 Reasons to Subscribe to AUDIOTUTS


At AUDIOTUTS we've just launched a new Short Feed alongside our existing Full Feed. The short feed is very light-weight and designed to let you know only the title of new tutorials published at AUDIOTUTS so you can click back to the site to read the full post. If you find that our tutorials and articles are taking too long to load in your feed reader the Short Feed may be a perfect fit for you.

If you're not already subscribed to AUDIOTUTS, this post will change your mind. If you're not sure what all the fuss is about 'feeds', this post will also explain exactly why you should care.

If you already know all about RSS, skip to the '10 Reasons to Subscribe' sub-heading. Read each item in the list and then decide whether subscribing to AUDIOTUTS is for you.

If you've yet to try RSS or have never been motivated to investigate it further, the section below will explain how it works and what it has to offer in about 30 seconds.

30-second guide to RSS

What does it do? An RSS feed reproduces a blog or website's content in portable format, meaning you can gather the content from an almost unlimited number of websites in one place (usually a feed reader).

What are the benefits? New content from the sites you're following will appear in your feed reader as it's published, which eliminates wasted time checking sites that haven't updated and also guarantees you won't miss a thing. You can also 'batch' all your reading in one place without wasting time loading up different sites and trying to remember what you have and haven't read before!

How do I use it? The smartest place to collect RSS feeds is inside a feed reader. If you click on a blog's feed icon (usually a square signal icon) your feed reader will automatically collect that feed. The most popular feed reader is Google Reader, but other favorites are BlogLines and NewsGator.

What are my options?

Full Content Feed

Tutorial Feed

Reproduces tutorials and articles exactly as they appear on the site.

Short Content Feed

Subscribe to the short feed

Reproduces tutorials and articles in light-weight form, including only the title and preview image. This is excellent for people with slower internet connections or those who usually click-back to the site to read our stuff anyway.

User Link Feed

User Link Feed

The community link feed in our sidebar can also be added to your feed reader, meaning you'll get a short update for each new link added.

You can also subscribe via email, subscribe to our freebies and videos or follow us on Twitter!

10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. You'll get new content delivered to you whenever the site is updated. This means you never have to waste time loading up a TUTS site when there's nothing new yet. If you're a regular reader, this will save you a nice chunk of time in the long-term.
  2. You'll never miss a thing. Anything we publish is sent to your feed reader instantly and will stay there until you read or dismiss it.
  3. Subscribing is 100% free. But we do our best to make the content priceless.
  4. You'll be the first to be sent new tutorials and articles on the site. You can be the first to try the effect, or the first to comment.
  5. Don't knock it until you try it! Try subscribing, and if you don't like it, you can always go back to your old method of accessing the site.
  6. You help us while helping yourself. Subscribers are valuable to the long-term success of all the sites in our network. They add value for advertisers and help to make the site look more popular, which can help persuade new visitors to stick around and give the community a chance.
  7. For productivity fiends: batching is good! A feed reader allows you to 'batch' your reading of web content. Those of you who approach productivity like a fine art will know how important this is.
  8. For technophiles: feed readers are in, bookmarks are out. If you love technology, you probably already knew this. Just sayin'.
  9. You can still read new tutorials on the site. Just because content appears in your feed reader doesn't mean you've got to read it there. You can click back to the site and see it fully rendered within the site design. This is why we created the short tutorial feed.
  10. The extra benefits. Our subscribers have reported an immediate 50% increase in wit and intelligence.

Here are those links again: Full Content Feed, Short Content Feed, User Link Feed.

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