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10 Rocking Drum Tuition Videos


Here are 10 rocking drum tuition videos that teach you rudiments, patterns and techniques. This is great information to know when you're programming a realistic drum pattern for your track. And if you're serious about learning how to play drums. Learn and enjoy!

1. How To Play Drums - Drum Lessons

"Are you ready to learn how to play drums? You can get started by watching Jared Falk's video lesson above. It includes step-by-step training that will show you exactly how to play drums in no time."

2. Hear and Play Drums 101

3. Hear and Play Drums 102: How to Play the Drums by Ear

"Enjoy learning various 4/4, cut-time, and off-beat patterns as he takes you through various genres: jazz, gospel, rock, funk, Latin, and others! You'll also learn various fills and tricks to add to your playing almost immediately!"

4. Drum Lesson "The Doubling Technique"

"Learn a simple technique that will spice up your drum fills, beats, and overall drumming! More lessons on OnlineDrummer.com."

5. Paradiddle-diddle Around the Kit

6. Intermediate Drum Fills

7. Pattern Drumming

"Learn a cool 'Pattern Drumming' beat and also learn how to develop your own rhythms and 'druming brain' with Pattern Drumming."

8. Pattern Drumming 2: Expanding Rudiments

"Learn a couple of cool drum beats involving expanding drum rudiments. This is the 2 part of the "Pattern Drumming" series. Find more lessons, beats and videos at http://www.OnlineDrummer.com."

9. John Bonham Triplets, Van's Cool Drumming Tips

"Just some triplets between the bass and tom or snare. Inspired by John Bonham. Enjoy. RVP"

10. Building Hand Technique

"I have had several requests to discuss hand technique and stick control. Here are some basic things to get started. Enjoy, RVP"

Are you a drummer or drum programmer? Feel free to share your own tips or favorite videos in the comments.

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