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12 Rocking Guitar Effects Videos on YouTube

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Guitarists continue to love their effects units - both onstage and in the studio. There is an amazing variety of effects units available, and an almost infinite way to combine them. Here are 12 of the best YouTube videos demonstrating effects units and setups, starting with how The Edge sets up his rig.

1. U2's The Edge Demonstrating His Guitar Rig (1/2)

"U2's The Edge demonstrating his guitar rig (2/1) Sir John Rogerson's Quay Dublin September 2008."

2. U2's The Edge Demonstrating His Guitar Rig (2/2)

"U2's The Edge demonstrating his guitar rig (2/1) Sir John Rogerson's Quay Dublin September 2008."

3. Herman Li Video Game Guitar Effects

"Herman Li from Dragonforce explains the video game effects used in Inhuman Rampage."

4. How to Use a Guitar Effect Pedal : Pre-Delay Effects for the Electric Guitar

"Learn how to use the pre-delay effects pedal when playing the electric guitar in these free online music video lessons."

5. BOSS GT-8 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

"Johnny Guides you on a Tour of the BOSS GT-8 Guitar Multi Effects Processor"

6. Marshall Jackhammer Guitar Pedal, Gearwire

"Marshall Jackhammer Guitar Pedal. (not me) Notice the TV in the background has information on the Pedal."

7. Boss Dyna Drive DN-2 Effects Pedal Demo

"Jason D. Spencer of World Music Supply demonstrates the extremely versatile Boss Dyna Drive DN-2 effects pedal."

8. Richie Kotzen Zoom G2R Signature Guitar Effects Pedal Demo

"Check out Richie Kotzen demoing his new Zoom G2R signature guitar effects pedal!"

9. TC Electronic G Natural Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor

"In this video, singer-songwriter Laura Clapp of TC-Electronic demonstrates this sweet processor for acoustic guitar."

10. Gig FX guitar effects pedal demo VOD Kilowah Chopper Pro Chop Megawah All of Them Part 1 of 2

"Most of the line from Gig Effects....very cool, optical pedals. Their wah pedals completely RULE! And I totally dig the VOD, which is three Chandler Tube Drivers that you can set up any way you'd like. This is the first demo I've done in STEREO, so forgive the blips and clips in the tone...I suck at the tech side of videos...and alot of other things as well!"

11. U2 - Metallica - Green Day - ACDC - Guitar Effects and Tones with Line 6 M9

12. Z Vex Effects Guitar Pedals Roundup

"This is a brief roundup of almost all Z Vex pedals (by Mr. Vex himself) taken from the NAMM exhibition at 2006 by gearwire.com. Mr. Vex keeps his usual humour and good mood (I love that!) despite the fatigue of the show... My favourite, of course, is the Wah. "

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