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15 Best Royalty-Free Business and Corporate Music Samples


Music samples for business and corporate purposes need to cover a range of applications, from training to advertising and everything in-between, but they generally have the same aim, which is to engage and motivate an audience. 

With this in mind, here are 15 of the best royalty-free business and corporate music samples to be found at AudioJungle.

You don’t have to worry about infringing any copyright with these tracks because once you’ve selected the tune you want, you can choose the right licence for your needs covering every possible use.


1. Uplifting Corporate

This fresh and high-energy track comes in four lengths: full length, medium, short, and looped. It is ideal for motivational presentations and videos, advertising, or background music for a seminar.

2. Pop Corporation

A light hypnotic beat combined with up-tempo flourishes, Pop Corporate comes in a full-length version and short version.  

3. For Presentation

For Presentation is clean and engaging without being distracting and would be perfect as background accompaniment for a business presentation or corporate seminar.

4. Business

Business exudes confidence and inspiration that would make it perfect for everything from training to advertisement. It comes in full and short lengths.

5. Uplifting Motivational

If you want to infuse your work with some energy, try Uplifting Motivational. This track combines a light, warm sound with bright, energetic highlights to create an upbeat and inspiring track that’s ideal for advertising, training videos, presentations, and more.

Business meeting

6. Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

Listen to this bright and melodic track, suitable for business videos, tutorials, slideshows, etc. Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate features electric and acoustic guitars, piano, harmonics, drums and various percussion, and it comes in four versions: a full version, short version, and two loop-able versions.

7. Upbeat Corporate

Upbeat Corporate does what you’d expect from the name. It is light and positive and would work well as background music for a voice-over, an instructional video, or a business seminar.  

8. Light Corporate and Motivational

With its beautiful kaleidoscope of sounds, Light Corporate and Motivational will suit projects focused on creativity, imagination and problem solving.

9. A Fortunate Day

The name communicates optimism, and the music delivers just that. A Fortunate Day features four loopable tracks that use a combination of piano, string, drums and acoustic guitar to create a sample that is upbeat, optimistic, and very aspirational.

10. Inspiring Upbeat Corporate

Inspiring Upbeat Corporate starts with piano and builds with a full orchestra of instruments to create a rousing anthem that will work well with a variety of business presentations.


11. Corporate Summer and Fun

The word “corporate” doesn’t often go with “summer” and “fun”, but this track proves that corporate music doesn’t have to be dull or staid. Corporate Summer and Fun uses acoustic guitar and piano, synths, live bass, scratch, drums, strings, etc. to create a sunny, optimistic sound. The track comes in five versions for your convenience.

12. Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate

A cool and breezy track, Upbeat and Inspiring Uplifting Corporate features acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, and more.

13. Fresh Corporate

Get your audience moving! Fresh Corporate is full of positive energy to motivate action. It’s perfect for presentations, advertisements, and more.

14. Uplifting Inspiring Corporate Motivation

Uplifting Inspiring Corporate Motivation is a beautiful, soft, positive track that comes in three versions. A perfect choice for motivational and inspiring corporate videos and presentations, tutorials, and seminars.

15. Happy Corporate

Let’s finish our roundup with the lightest and most playful of the tracks featured here. Happy Corporate – is a track in the style of motivational corporate, has a pleasant mood and is well suited for a variety of projects.


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These 15 royalty-free business and corporate music samples are just a small selection of the thousands of corporate tracks available at AudioJungle and Envato Elements so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and or editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials we have on offer.

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