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15 Best Royalty-Free Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Samples


Every great audiovisual project needs an equally great sound track to go with it. If you’re looking for just the right electronic dance music track for your project, here are fifteen of the best to be found at AudioJungle.

What’s more, you can rest assured that you will not infringe any copyright with these tracks because once you’ve selected the tune you need, you can choose the right licence for your needs covering everything from YouTube videos to use in a movie, television, radio and more.

1. Summer Grooving

Summer Grooving is a dance track with funky electric guitars and electronic dance beats. It comes in three versions: a full-length version, a short version, and a loopable version.

2. Fun and Uplifting Upbeat Party Pop

The Fun and Uplifting Upbeat Party Pop uses vintage and classic synthesizers, funky robotic guitars, drum beats, clapping and so much more to create an energetic and upbeat track that takes its inspiration from 80s synth pop.

3. Fashion

Fashion combines cool beats with electronic dance to create an infectious and uplifting track. Fashion is an excellent choice for creative projects.

4. Midnight Story

Created in the style of electronic European pop, Midnight Story is a versatile track that would make an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.

5. Deep House Jam

Deep House Jam combines atmospheric synth with hypnotic beats and vocal samples to create a complex, layered sound that is ideal for projects that want to communicate a hip, youthful, laidback vibe.

6. Uplifting Summer Sports Pop

Uplifting Summer Sports Pop has a positive vibe that would work well for a wide variety of action or sports related projects.

7. Pump The Club

Pump the Club is an energetic track that creates an irresistible sense of joy and possibility.

8. Dance Hot

Dance Hot uses a powerful bassline, strong beats and electronic synthesizers to create a clean contemporary sound that is perfect for creative projects or instructional videos.

9. Energetic Summer Dance Guitar

Energetic Summer Dance Guitar has a fresh and catch melody that captures the essence of summer fun. It comes in four versions: a short intro and outro, as well as a medium and long version.

10. EDM

EDM is an exciting and high-energy track with a rousing quality that’ll work well with projects that aim to inspire adventure, fun, and freedom.

11. Energetic Rock

Energetic Rock combines vintage guitar, claps, stomps, rock bass, and drums with electronic dance to create a powerful and energetic track that would pair well with action adventure, sports and extreme sports projects.

12. Flying Above The Clouds

Flying Above the Clouds is a strong electro house track with a great beat that would work well with a variety of projects.

13. Uplifting & Energetic Dance Music

As the name suggests, Uplifting and Energetic Dance Music has a very motivational and inspiring vibe. Just one of nine tracks in the Ultimate Dance Pack, it can be bought as a standalone or part of the pack.

14. To Be Electronic

With its infectious and bouncy riffs, To Be Electronic captures the essence of great Electronic Music. It comes in short, full and looped versions and would pair well with projects focused on lifestyle, fashion, and food.

15. Summer Melodic Dancing Pack

To round up my list, I’ve selected Summer Melodic Dancing Pack. This pack contains five electro dance music tracks: Space, Summer, a Summer Instrumental Version, Melodic, and Dancing. 

What’s great about this pack is that though each track has its own cool vibe, they’re all built around the same theme so they’d fit well together in any project.


These 15 royalty-free electronica music tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of electronic tracks available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and or editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has on offer.

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