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18 Reason Tutorials That Cover All the Bases

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Reason is both a sequencer for creating music, and a sound source that can be rewired to other DAWs. Last week’s article explored Logic's history and features. This week, we will learn how to use it.

Because there are several ways of using the program, there are an abundance of tutorials available on the Internet, including sites dedicated to Reason tutorials (for example, and Some deal with using Reason as a MIDI sequencer, others with programming Reason's synthesizers, and still others with using the various sound source ReFills.

Here is a balance of tutorials covering the different aspects of Reason from Youtube and Audiotuts+.

1. Propellerheads Reason Song Tutorial - make a track in 20min!

"This is part one of my tutorial on how to use Reason to quickly create a full song in under 20 minutes. Featured is my Nintendo NES reason refill sound pack I have available on via paypal. In this video I give out all my tips related to song composition and even mastering the final product at the end (in part two)."

2. Propellerheads Reason Song Tutorial - Part 2

"This is part two of the Reason song tutorial where I show you how to make a track in less than 20 minutes."

3. Reason Tutorial

"Reason Tutorial by Freakwncy from"

4. Reason 4 Tutorial - Reverb Bass Effects

"In this Reason Tutorial we go through some cool ways to add more to a great Bass sound suitable for Dubstep, Electro, House, Tech, Bassline and other music Genres. Adding Reverb automation and Distortion wll provides some interesting results and effects!"

5. The Project Studio Episode 103 : Vocoders Tutorial Reason 4

"This a tutorial about vocoders."

6. Making Beats in Reason 4 with JayG

7. Jack Beats- Drop The Pressure Remix (Reason Synth Tutorial)

"This video demonstrates how to create a similar synth to the lead in Project Bassline -Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix) to create the wow effect from the song watch the next video."


  • Initialize the patch.
  • First thing is throw some more portamento on there Id Say Around 54 or so.
  • Next change the range to 14.
  • Set oscillator Bs velocity to -4.
  • Set Osc A to Sweeping Saw.
  • Move the motion to -64, the octave to 2, the semi to 0, and the cent to -8.
  • Switch on Osc B and also set it to Sweeping Saw.
  • Set the motion to -64 and the octave to 4, the semi, to 7, and the cent to 8.
  • Set the release to 28.
  • Turn on the shaper and select clip set the amount to 127.
  • Select the button near the volume on Octave A.
  • On filter a turn the frequency all the way up.
  • Pump up the volume to about 100.

8. Create a Wobble/Wow/Fidget Effect In Reason!! (Tutorial)

  • 9. Your Guide to Getting Started with Synthesis in Reason

    Jan 29th in Reason, Sound Design by Eric Shafer

    A synthesizer is an electronic instrument that reproduces a variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies and waveforms. Propellerhead’s Reason features various forms of synthesis, and it’s often difficult for the user to decide which synthesizer to use.

    In this tutorial, we’re going to explore the art and the science of synthesis, as well as discuss how Reason’s synthesizers can be used, and in which situations you should use them.

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  • 10. Synthesizing Beats from Scratch in Reason

    Jul 21st in Reason, Sound Design by Bratu Sebastian

    In this tutorial we cover how to create synthetic drums perfect for a house/trance track. We’re going to create a drum loop with only the synths and effects included in Reason. No drums from the Reason Soundbank will be used: we will be creating these drums from scratch in Reason’s Subtractor. A couple of known artists use this technique, as you can create your own sound and reuse your signature kit in future tracks.

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  • 11. Creating Thor Patches in Reason & Packaging a Refill

    Jul 14th in Reason, Sound Design by Eric Shafer

    In this tutorial, we’re going to work through a hands-on workshop and create several Thor synthesizer patches. Then we’ll take our new patches and combine them into a redistributable Reason refill using Reason Refill Packer.

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  • 12. How to Set Up Creative Delays in Reason

    Jun 22nd in Mixing & Mastering, Reason by Gönenç Giray

    It’s always been fun to play around with devices in Reason. When it comes to creating a unique device, synth or effect, you have limitless possibilities. You could call it playing Lego with audio devices. In this tutorial I will continue building blocks and explain three different ways to set up DLL-1 devices within Combinator.

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  • 13. Creating RUN Machines in Reason’s Combinator, Pt 1

    Apr 9th in Production, Reason by Gönenç Giray

    Some of Reason’s most-loved patches are the Combinator’s [RUN] patches. These patches are very useful as the Combinator plays along with your song, often inspiring as song starters or templates. However, it is scary to turn the rack around and see hundreds of cables go from this device to that device. It’s not that complex; once you’ve figured it out you can make great background patterns and drum machine templates for your songs.

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  • 14. Creating RUN Machines in Reason’s Combinator, Pt 2

    Apr 23rd in Production, Reason by Gönenç Giray

    Reason’s Combinator is a powerful device that can be used as a machine for drums and background patterns. With some routing tricks and some unusual pattern settings a Combinator Machine can evolve throughout the song.

    In the Part 1 of this tutorial we created a drum pattern and two pads with Auto-Pan controls. In the second part we’ll incorporate more sounds, and with the use of “uneven” patterns we’ll create a Combinator patch which is not just a simple loop.

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  • 15. Creating Sample & Hold Synth Effects in Reason

    Feb 20th in Production, Reason by Mo Volans

    Even if you are not familiar with the term ‘sample and hold’ it’s pretty likely you have heard one of these effects in action. If you know the classic track ‘Rez’ by Underworld then have most certainly come across the technique, as the entire track is based around a resonant synth line modulated by a sample and hold LFO.

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  • 16. How to Audition Reason Combinator Blends with Your Keyboard

    Feb 16th in Arrangement, Reason by Eric Shafer

    Finding a set of sounds that work well together can be difficult. In Reason, it can be a laborious effort to create a combination of instruments, record some MIDI on each and then play them back. In this tutorial, we’ll look at a trick you can use in Reason to allow you to hear playback from multiple Combinators in real-time from your MIDI controller.

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  • 17. 10 Ways to Enhance Performance In Reason

    Feb 5th in Reason, Recording by Eric Shafer

    In this article, we’re going to look at ten things you can do to help maximize the performance of Reason, fix various annoying issues, and avoid CPU strain during heaving automation and interaction with other DAWs.

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  • 18. The Combinator—Reason’s Deadliest Weapon

    Jan 21st in Production, Reason by Eric Shafer

    Reason’s Combinator is a very interesting tool. It is all too tempting for new Reason users to use the Combinator as simply another instrument in which to load patches. In reality, the Combinator is far more than that, and has the ability to be the most powerful tool available to you in Reason. You may be a bit skeptical, but in this tutorial, I’m going to prove to you that the Combinator is truly Reason’s deadliest weapon.

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