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20 Best Royalty-Free Ambient Music Tracks

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Ambient music is a form of instrumental music that uses gentle, repetitive and soothing sounds to create a sense of peace, calm and relaxation. It often takes influences from many other musical genres such as world music, classical, jazz, folk and more.

It’s really useful for creatives working in audio-visuals, as well as client-facing businesses that are keen to set the right mood for their customers. 

In this tutorial, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best royalty-free ambient music tracks to be found at AudioJungle. For convenience, they’re grouped in five categories: lounge, electronica, chill, atmospheric soundscapes and New Age.


Lounge music usually refers to the type of music played in the background at hotels, restaurants, bars and of course lounges. This category offers the best of that idea using a combination of instrumentals and modern digital and electronic music.

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1. Warm Lounge

Warm Lounge is very cool and relaxed but with a fabulous groovy riff that will complement creative multimedia projects or set the mood for a hip but laid-back event. 

2. Summer Lounge House

Summer Lounge House is a collection of five tracks using electric guitar, piano, percussion and synth bass to create a funky, tropical sound that is perfect for adding a bit of energy to your fashionable event or project.

3. Serenity

A much calmer track than the first two presented here, as the name suggests, Serenity is a beautifully calming track that would be perfect for a low-key multimedia project or greet and mingle events.

4. Lovely Moments

Lovely Moments features the alluring sound of acoustic guitar and percussions to create a wonderfully melodic and romantic track with a Bossa Nova flavour.


The electronic category focuses on music using digital and electronic musical instruments that bring an atmospheric and otherworldly quality to ambient music. 

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5. Pulse

Pulse uses various electronic instruments to create a magical and atmospheric sound perfect for background music or use in fashion, art or other creative projects. 

6. Ambient

The five tracks that make up Ambient are far less atmospheric than the other tracks featured here, but they do have an optimistic quality that is definitely a trademark of this category.

7. Floating in Bliss

Floating in Bliss is a collection of four tracks with a spacey and dreamy vibe.

8. The Ambient

An upbeat track, The Ambient combines great beats with a light, confident sound that is well suited to corporate projects, advertisements, and presentations.


This category of ambient music combines a number of other sounds to create a category that is all about a certain kind of sophisticated ease. 

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9. Swing

With its hypnotic beats, Swing is the definition of the chilled-out sound.

10. Acoustic Guitar

The four tracks of Acoustic Guitar are different versions of the same riff and have a funky, positive and laidback sound that will bring a touch of cool to any multimedia project or event.

11. Chilling Mood

Chilling Mood uses electric piano, synthesisers and acoustic guitars to create an up-tempo and confident track. Perfect for chilling. 

12. Waiting for the Light

Waiting for the Light is another up-tempo track filled with positivity. A great choice for motivational subject matter. 

Atmospheric Soundscapes

This ambient music category is all about light, inspiring and beautiful tracks.

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13. Ambient Piano

Ambient Piano is an airy sound that showcases the piano with a few accompanying instruments to create a beautiful composition that would be great for inspirational videos and a wide range of other projects. 

14. Inspiring Ambient

Featuring piano, synths, and gentle percussion, Inspiring Ambient is a charming and uplifting composition perfect for web videos, corporate media and any project needing a great motivational sound.

15. Life in Slow Motion

Life in Slow Motion is a dreamy and evocative track that’s ideal for projects dealing with memory or nostalgia. 

16. Ambient Piano 2 

An atmospheric piano track, Ambient Piano 2 uses beautiful piano chords, smooth electronic sounds, abstract textures and deep synth pads to create a tender and moving melody. 

New Age

This category of ambient music is inspired by the musical genre of the same name. It features light, melodic harmonies and sounds reproduced from the natural world. It is intended to promote serenity, inspiration, relaxation and optimism. 

New AgeNew AgeNew Age
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17. Meditation

Meditation is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a peaceful and reflection-inducing background track for yoga or meditative practice. 

18. Ambient Meditation Music

The two tracks that make up Ambient Meditation Music, one with environmental sounds and one without, create a sense of expansiveness and possibility and are ideal for relaxation, studying, meditation and yoga. 

19. Peaceful Ambient

Peaceful Ambient combines drifting sonic textures and a delicate piano melody to create a wistful and dreamy composition that can be used in multimedia projects or as an aid to relaxation. 

20. Meditation Reflection

Meditation Reflection is another soft and soulful track that can be used for meditation or yoga.

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These 20 royalty-free music packs are just a small selection of the thousands of music packs available at AudioJungle & Envato Elements, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

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