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20 Best Royalty Free Classical Music Tracks

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Classical music is one of those genres of music that is perfect for a wide range of multimedia projects, from television or movie sound tracks and trailers to travel and lifestyle videos to business presentations and video games. 

In this tutorial, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best royalty-free classical music tracks to be found at AudioJungle. For convenience, they’re grouped in five categories—guitar, strings, piano, orchestra and modern—to help you find the preferred sound quickly and easily. 


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1. Crystal Moonlight

A beautifully tender acoustic guitar instrumental, this is perfect for setting the mood during an event or as a soundtrack for a video or film project. 

2. Classical Guitar Bach

The main theme from J.S. Bach’s beautiful melody “Sheep May Safely Graze” played on solo classical guitar.

3. Romantic Guitar

This soft and warm acoustic guitar track communicates love and hope. Would work well for romantic scenes or wedding videos.

4. Classical Guitar

A short and sweet classical guitar riff played on steel-stringed guitar, this one is best for the openings or closings of a project. 


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5. Violin

The track comprises three instruments: two violins played fast and powerfully combined with a cello. This string trio creates a simple but powerful and compelling track, great for building tension and anticipation in a film or advertisement. 

6. Bach Cello Suite 1 Prelude

The Prelude to the 1st Cello Suite composed by J.S. Bach is a wonderful piece of music that would probably work best for projects where you want to create a dark mood or build tension and anticipation. 

7. Happy Strings

An upbeat optimistic track in a neo-baroque style, Happy Strings brings a sense of royalty and pageantry to your projects.

8. Motivation Strings

This uplifting and positive string music track is ideal for motivational videos but would also work well for setting an uplifting tone to a presentation or film track.


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9. Dream Sonata Inspiring Piano

This contemplative solo piano piece creates a dreamy and reflective tone to any project. It would work equally well as background music for inspirational videos or as a soundtrack for for commercials and film.

10. Inspiring Solo Piano

This inspiring and reflective piano solo is created to loop seamlessly and so could work well with longer projects if needed. 

11. The Storyteller

A light and playful melody, The Storyteller would work well as a soundtrack for fantasy films, or as background music for projects that deal with the creative or whimsical. 

12. Spirit

Spirit combines piano and strings to create a magical track with classical and contemporary overtones. 


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13. Dreams of Glory

A dramatic and powerful piece, Dreams of Glory has an uplifting and inspirational quality that would work well for action and sports themed projects.

14. Classical

Like Dreams of Glory, Classical is another upbeat inspirational piece that’s great for action themed projects, as well as business, commercial, promotional or marketing projects.

15. Inspirational Orchestral

This beautiful piece of motivational orchestral music is perfect for any project related to achieving your goals, hopes and dreams, or going to the top.

16. Strength and Beauty

This full orchestral piece uses soaring melodies, rich strings and brass to create an inspiring, expansive sound. Another great one for inspirational projects.


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17. Colours

This contemporary music track has an inspiring and creative vibe that will fit a broad cross-section of projects.

18. Into the Light

A bright track combining piano, strings, celestial electronic sounds, Into the Light creates a sense of mystery and possibility.

19. Sparkle

Sparkle is an inspiring contemporary classical music track with a new age twist. It would be perfect for motivational and corporate projects.

20. Deep and Moving

This beautiful and haunting piece incorporates melodic singing to create a unique and otherworldly track that would work well in fantasy films and videos.

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These 20 royalty-free classical music tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of tracks available at AudioJungle and Envato Elements, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and or editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has on offer.

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