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20 Best Royalty Free House Music

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Every great video project needs equally great music to complete the project and make it stand out. If you're looking for just the right music tracks for your video these 20 house music tracks may be just what you need.  

Not only do they amount to the coolest tracks you'll find anywhere on the internet, they're also royalty free. 

This means that you won't infringe copyright with these tracks; once you’ve selected the tune you need, you can choose the appropriate licence for your needs covering everything from YouTube videos to use in a movie, television, radio and more.

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20 Best Royalty Free House Music

1. Groove On

Groove On  is a funky groovy club track that is infectious and energising. The track combines a great beat with fabulous sax riffs and will add an air of cool to your fashion, beauty, travel or lifestyle projects. 

2. Fashion Summer Lounge

If you're looking for a laidback electronic or house track for your next project or presentation, Fashion Summer Lounge could be just what you need. 

Combining a hypnotic beat with futuristic and atmospheric sound effects, the track comes in four lengths for easy incorporation into a variety of projects.

Central Part

Central Part uses synthesisers and funky rock guitars to create a high energy sound that is unique and catchy and will certainly make an audiences get up and dance. 

3. Summer Lounge House

Summer Lounge House is a gorgeous composition using electric guitar, percussions, piano, synth bass, and pads to create an irresistible sound that is at once stylish and laidback, dynamic and positive. 

A great composition for any event or video production, the track includes five versions in various lengths. 

4. Upbeat Fashion Lounge Corporate

If you're looking for a track that combines an irresistible beat with a comfortable relaxed sound, then Upbeat Fashion Lounge Corporate is the track for you. 

Funky, stylish and upbeat this versatile track is great for promotional videos and corporate presentations, as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos or just as background music to set the mood for an event. 

5. Deep

With its combination of synths and atmospheric sounds, Deep is a great background track for fashion shows, presentations, commercials, promotional videos and more. 

6. Fashion Indie Lounge Summer Corporate

Fashion Indie Lounge Summer Corporate uses dance leads, piano, house beat and electric guitar to create a wonderfully modern and energetic sound that's perfect for a wide range of projects from presentations and promotional videos to fitness and beauty blogs. 

7. Whistle Blower

With its hash guitar sound, dirty synth leads and strong beat, Whistle Blower won't be everybody's cup of tea, but this track which the creator calls a 'fun dirty house track' would be the right choice for videos and presentations that are edgy and want a hard hitting sound to match the content.  

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8. Fashionable

Fashionable is a beautiful, cool and infectious electronic dance track that works well as background for business presentations and promotions, fashion shows or for travel, lifestyle and demonstration videos.

9. Because We Are Young

If you're in the market for royalty free track that combines atmospheric synth with hypnotic beats, then Because We Are Young is the track for you. This complex, layered sound is ideal for projects that want to communicate a hip, youthful, laidback vibe.

10. Tight distorted house track

Inspired by French house music, Tight distorted house track is a distorted house club track featuring heavily compressed drums, synthesisers and a deep beats with heavy guitar underpinning it all.

11. Live Tomorrow

Upbeat and positive Live Tomorrow is inspired by Scandinavian house. This infectious track adds a sense of joie d'vivre to your live presentations, events and video projects. 

12. In Fashion

A funky disco beat mixed this modern house, In Fashion features strumming guitars, warm electro piano, disco strings and trumpets combined in a stylish mix. 

The tracks come in five lengths for your convenience. Use as background for social gatherings, fashion shows, product promotions, YouTube blogs, and more.

13. Fashion House 1

Created in the spirit of Daft Punk, Fashion House 1 is a classic French electro/house track that complements beauty and fashion videos but also works equally well as background music for presentations and other live events.

14. Daft House

Daft House is a cool house track that uses electric piano, funky guitar and a groovy beat. 

It comes in three versions, one of which offers more bass than the others. Use in your video or podcast openers and closers as well as for transitions. 

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15. Feel The Love

An electronic house track with great beats, Feel The Love is an ideal choice for infusing a sense of joy and positivity into any project including live presentations, films, radio, vlogs and podcasts. 

16. Fashion Dance House

Fashion Dance House is a powerful house track that features a terrific combination of strong beats and huge synths that create an infectious upbeat sound. 

Perfect for beauty and fashion shows or videos, advertisements, media presentations and more.

17. Fashion

Fashion incorporates deep bass, house beat, piano, synth and electric guitar to create a unique sound that is ideal for corporate videos, commercials, promotions, podcasts and a wide variety of vlogs.

18. Upbeat Fashion Lounge Corporate 10

With it's laidback funky sound, Upbeat Fashion Lounge Corporate 10 is exactly what you need for your next event or presentation. The track is upbeat enough to create a positive vibe and easy going enough to encourage your audience to relax. 

19. Vip Electro 2

Vip Electro 2 is a classic house party thumper with a strong rave vibe that'll bring high energy and excitement to your next video project or live event. 

20. Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation uses electric guitar, violins, piano, drums and synthesiser to create a wonderful energetic contemporary track that will complement your corporate presentations and videos as well as a vast array of creative projects.

Choose Your Royalty Free House Track Today 

These 20 royalty free house tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of house music tracks available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose. 

If you want to improve your skills building music tracks yourself, then take a look at some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials on offer.

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