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20 Best Royalty Free Music Tracks for Fashion and Beauty Videos


If you’re creating content for fashion and/or beauty videos, you know that making material fresh and entertaining is the number one way to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more. 

Using the right music is a big part of that. 

Music has to be royalty free so you don’t run into legal problems and, apart from the theme song, you need to keep things fresh by regularly featuring new tunes to accompany your great visuals. 

This might be quite daunting if it weren’t for the great library of royalty-free music tracks to be found at AudioJungle. The library is easy to browse and offers a wide selection of inexpensive options.

In this tutorial, I’m featuring just 20 of the best royalty-free music tracks for fashion and beauty videos. For convenience, they’re grouped in four popular categories—funk, pop, jazz and hip hop—but they are by no means all the categories available. 


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1. Funky Disco

Funky Disco uses funk guitars, powerful beats and a strong brass to create an energetic disco and funk instrumental track.

2. Fashion Soul Funk

Stylish and sophisticated, Fashion Soul Funk incorporates 80s synths, funky rhythm guitar and soulful warm electro piano for a distinct funky disco feel.

3. Funk Lounge Fashion

Funk Lounge Fashion creates a relaxed yet upbeat sound with funky guitar, hypnotic beats and synths.

4. Groovy Background

Groovy Background comes in two versions, a full version track and a shorter one. It’s the perfect background track—complex enough to satisfy your viewers without distracting from the main event: your visuals.

5. Energetic Funk

The upbeat Energetic Funk track is all about bringing positivity and energy to your fashion or beauty video.


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6. Happy Summer

Happy Summer makes great use of eclectic guitars, piano and synth to create a bouncy modern pop track.

7. Dance Pop

Dance Pop's upbeat sound features guitars, synthesizers, deep bass and powerful beats to create a track that’s as much dance as it is pop.

8. Energetic Upbeat Pop

Featuring a short and long version, Energetic Upbeat Pop has a distinct feel-good vibe.

9. Indie Pop

Indie Pop is a light, experimental track with a memorable beat and hypnotic vocals. 

10. Inspiring Indie Pop

Inspiring Indie Pop uses electric guitar, a strong drum beat and warm 80s synth to create an irresistible track with a feel-good energetic rock sound. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop
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11. The Hip Hop Upbeat

Cool and laidback, The Hip Hop Upbeat offers a light catchy hip-hop beat track that will work well for any fashion or beauty themed video.

12. The Hip-Hop

The Hip-Hop is cool and upbeat with a distinct urban quality. Some of that coolness factor is bound to rub off on your video!

13. Positive Hip-Hop Upbeat

Positive Hip-Hop Upbeat is made up of four tracks of varying length that represent modern hip hop fused with pop.

14. In the Hip-Hop

Another modern blend, this time electronic and hip hop, In the Hip-Hop, incorporates vocals and strong synths.

15. Summer Hip-Hop Dancing

Summer Hip-Hop Dancing combines dance and hip hop with elements of pop to create a bouncy urban mix.


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16. Jazzy Hip-Hop

Blending jazz and hip hop to create an upbeat and dreamy track, Jazzy Hip-Hop is the perfect accompaniment to any professional fashion or beauty video.

17. This Jazz

Featuring a classic jazz sound combined with swing music, This Jazz mixes piano and trumpet to create a cool and quirky sound.

18. Jazzy Soul Beat

Yet another blend, Jazzy Soul Beat combines cool jazz with strains of soul and a hypnotic beat.

19. Groovy Soul Party

Groovy Soul Party is an upbeat track with hints of jazz and soul that could be straight out of an Austin Powers party!

20. New School R&B

New School R&B, as the title suggests, brings an updated rhythm and blues feel to this very chill instrumental track.


These 20 best royalty-free music tracks are just a small selection of the thousands of tracks available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and/or editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has on offer.

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