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20 Flash Audio Resources for Musicians

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To have your music noticed today, you need an online presence. While you may opt to show off your tracks on Myspace, there are certain advantages to having your own website.

Our sister site, ActiveDen, has some fantastic and affordable Flash resources that will make you stand out from the crowd. We feature 20 of their best site templates and audio players.

1. Advanced XML Website - Perfect for musician

"Advanced XML Website is an Flash (AS3) fully XML driven website template that allows you to modify the whole content without even opening the source files. It’s perfect for an musician website.

It’s a very easy to manage and professional documentation is included."

2. PunkerPop XML Template

"PunkerPop XML Template features an eye catching and one of a kind website template fully controlled by XML and very versatile in its setup! It gives you total freedom in the way you want to setup your pages (e.g. you can have 5 text pages and 1 contact page)! Make use however you want from the 8 available template pages and enjoy full deeplinking support!"

3. Black Velvet XML Template with Deep Linking

"Full flash xml loaded website template. Uses swfAddress to enabled deep linking to all pages on the site."

4. Scraps XML Music Site

"Scraps is a xml-driven site template for artists in the music industry. It contains tabs for band information and photos, five-album discography, news and upcoming gigs, links, a php contact form, and a simple music player.

"The content for Scraps is driven by 6 seperate, easy to use xml files—one for each tab (except contact), and one for the music player. This file comes with a detailed help document to make uploading your content easy to understand.

If you’re looking for a hip (yes, I said “hip”) easy to use site to get your band’s name out there, this is the file for you!"

5. Dream Music XML Website


  • Fully XML driven
  • Deep linking supported
  • Multiple modules can be loaded on the same page
  • Includes banner rotator
  • Audio player with unlimited songs support and a song purchase button
  • One sub-level menu

6. Multiple Music Projects site template

"The mbudm#004 template is aimed at individual musicians or bands/music collectives that dabble in more than one music project. Inspiration has come from people I know for whom music is their main interest and so they are always embarking on new and interesting side projects while simultaneously organising their main band or collective.

"The big challenge in making a music template is that by nature musicians are highly individual and have incredibly different needs. Because of this I have added in as much flexibility as I can so that this template can be transformed into a site that truly represents you, your band and your projects."

7. The Music Band Template - with PHP and MySQL

"The Music Band Template is a flash template packed with many features. It has been created for the Music Template competition from ActiveDen, therefore it has the functionality of a Music Band Fan Site. However, the template is easily customisable and you can personalise it as you wish."

8. Dynamic Elegant Template V1

"This is fully customizable elegant template with a lot of features. One of the biggest features is: CREATE AS MANY GALLERIES , HTML PAGES , CONTACT FORMS AS YOU WANT."

9. Dark XML Fullscreen Web Template

"This website template is fully resizable, customizable in the xml, and is only 29kb! You never even need to touch your flash file.

"The rollover gallery menu on top hides when you are not using it, scrolls right and left if there are too many to fit, and has a thumbnail show up on rollover. Each image is associated with a caption that shows up on rollover. There are also next and back buttons that hide when they are on the first or last image. There is even a button that makes this template fullscreen."

10. SOLO - Music Website Template - with deeplinking

"Featuring 3 levels of deep-linking, url error management, playlist creator, interavtive tour map and integrated twitter reader.

"Designed with a musician in mind but equally suitable for any artist/creative individual."

11. XML MP3 Player with List (by quickyboy)

"And from the same story with the brand new FLV player, here comes the XML driven MP3 player with list!!! :)"

12. Switch MP3 Player

"Many Flash projects benefit from adding background music. This simple MP3 Player lets you add music to your movie, without the distracting hassle of extra buttons, volume sliders, and unnecessary equalizer animations. The user will be able to quickly turn the music on or off.

"Inside the MP3 Player you have numerous settings such as a master volume, default on/off setting, and a randomize feature. You can include an unlimited number of songs on your playlist, all of which are loaded externally. For your convenience, the playlist can be defined both inside the SWF as an array, or externally as an XML file."

13. Dark Star Mp3 Player Pro

"Dark Star XML MP3 Player V1.1..It can play mp3 music files from your XML file."

14. 2 Mode MP3 Player

"Cool Aqua Style Mp3 Player. With Normal And Lite Display Mode. Drag and Drop. Easy To Use For XML Or ActionScript"

15. WeLove Mp3


  • Dynamic XML driven mp3 player.
  • Exclusive “open-albuns” animation.
  • Customizable XML driven skins (text colours, bgs colours and background image).
  • Album cover images.
  • Shuffle on/off.
  • Autoplay on/off.

16. Streaming MP3 Player with drop down playlist


  • XML driven
  • Streaming MP3 Player with drop down playlist
  • Add as many songs as you like
  • There is no limit to your playlist
  • Just paste the mp3 movie clip in your flash file
  • Save your mp3’s in the “tracks” folder, and update the XML
  • All changes made through the xml
  • No need to re-publish your flash file

17. MP3 Player with Drop Down playlist V2


  • Streaming MP3 Player with drop down playlist
  • Add as many songs as you like, there is no limit to your playlist
  • XML driven
  • Just paste the mp3 movie clip in your flash file
  • Save your mp3s in the tracks folder, and update the XML
  • Updated with Autostart and Paused mode

18. Dynamic Mp3 Player 2


  • Supports unlimited number of mp3 files.
  • Fully customizable – XML driven.
  • You can choose between multiple settings.

19. ADG3 : Simple Sound Controller

"A simple music on/off controller, with animated levels.

"The difference here is that the music fades in or out gradually, as opposed to cutting out immediately.

"If you are detail oriented, you may agree, it’s a small difference that comes across as smoother, less harsh on the user’s ear.

"Aside from the decor in the file, the controller is contained in a single movie clip, which can be dropped into any flash project.

"If you wish to remove the rising dots animation, that’s easy too, just delete layer 2 in the mc called music player bar, in the library.

"The file size of this controller is only 1 kb, but depending on the length of the loop you choose and the compression you set, the total size added to a movie will vary, naturally.

"Included as a bonus here is one of my loops, which you can use as you see fit in any of your flash projects. Hope you like it"

20. Simple MP3 Music Player V2 + XML Playlist


  • XML MP3 Player with volume slider
  • Simple MP3 player, all vector, easy to skin
  • Name the artist and title in the xml
  • Just copy and paste a player movie clip into your file
  • Streams and plays your external MP3 tracks via XML
  • Unlimited playlist

Are you planning a website to show off your band or music? Which of these Flash resources appeal to you most? Do you already have a web presence you'd like to show off? Let us know in the comments.

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