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20 Killer Background Music Tracks on AudioJungle


You've almost finished your killer presentation. You've chosen an effective template and communicative fonts, and tweaked the design just right. You've fine-tuned your wording and rehearsed your delivery. But something is missing. You need killer audio to add atmosphere to your killer presentation. Where do you get it?

Our sister site AudioJungle.net is an abundant source of royalty-free stock audio. Google reports that many people go there searching for "background music" every day. You'll also find audio tracks in many other categories and genres. Have you checked it out?

It's a great place for musicians, composers and music producers to call home, earning a decent residual income on the tracks you upload there. To find out more about becoming an AudioJungle author, check their Sell Your Work page. You'll meet a bunch of current authors below. If you're already an AudioJungle author, give us a shout out in the comments, and leave a link to your profile page.

And it's an amazing place to visit when looking for stock audio. All submissions are checked for quality by our careful reviewers, so you won't find any rubbish. And prices start from $1 (though the tracks reviewed here cost a little more). In this article we'll list 20 of the best tracks you'll find when searching the site for "background music".

For a presentation you'll want some music that conveys the right atmosphere and ambiance without distracting the listener from the voice over. In fact, you may want a selection of tracks that take the audience on a journey. Let us know in the comments which of the 20 is your favorite, and the types of stock audio you need for your current projects.


  • Soundroll (Dmitri Lifshitz) is a freelancing sound engineer who also plays synth in the metal Yiddish band "Gevolt". He does post production, for commercials, adverts and corporate videos, and also composes for music libraries. He is one of AudioJungle's most successful and popular authors. Read more, see photos and check out his gear in the AudioJungle interview.

1. Desert Night

Cost: $10

This dark Arabian/Oriental track features great percussion, a flute and pad sounds, and has great ambiance and atmosphere.

2. Chilling Mood

Cost: $12

This track is a bit more up-tempo, featuring electronic piano, synths and acoustic guitar. It will add character to a presentation, but you wouldn't want to have to speak over it.


  • Leto (Tomislav Letinic) is a composer and music producer based in Croatia, and has been making music for over ten years. Check out his AudioJungle interview here.

3. Easy House Background

Cost: $8

This track will bring a modern feel to any presentation. The volume remains at a constant level, and will be well-behaved behind a voice-over. It features synth, soft rhythm and bass.

4. My Dream (With Vocal)

Cost: $10

This track has a great corporate flavor, and features female vocals which sit nicely in the background. A version without the vocal is also available.


  • Tomh (Tom Howe) is a young composer based in England with a love for writing for orchestra. He has won a Royal Television Society award for his work. Read more in his AudioJungle interview.

5. Jazz Cafe

Cost: $12

A great Jazz track featuring piano, upright bass and subtle drums. It has a carefree sound, and loops well.


  • Visualgroove (Febby Tan) is a web designer, graphic artist and drummer. She has been producing music from the age of 14, and believes the most important ingredient is to put your heart and emotion into it. Check out her AudioJungle interview for more.

6. Flow

Cost: $7

Another corporate tune, which is designed not to distract when a voiceover part is placed over it. It loops seemlessly, and has a "relaxing feel with positive energy."


  • AudioQuattro is a freelance composer and audio engineer, working as a producer for both TV and radio stations. He is based in Berlin.

7. Clouds

Cost: $12

This motivational pop track sits in the background nicely where it belongs, and is suitable for a variety of project types.

8. Relief

Cost: $12

Low pads dominate this piece, with synth and mellow piano figures adding to the rhythm.


  • Vaisnava is a music producer based in the US, creating music for their own meditation, healing and fun.

9. Simple Piano Background

Cost: $10

An atmospheric piano background designed for multimedia projects.

10. Ambient Background Talkover Bed 2

Cost: $12

There are lots of soothing pad chords in this track. "This is meant to play softly in the background of your works... Perfect for commercials, broadcast radio, audio backgrounds and talk overs."


  • ADG3studios (Adrien Gardiner) is a composer, musician, and all-around nice guy based in Canada, and also AudioJungle's community manager.

11. Jazzypack2 Kitchen Showroom

Cost: $7

A quiet piano background with accompaniment. "A nice and pleasant jazzy loop using a bossanova progression with piano melody and melodic guitar support, reminiscent of furniture and appliance displays, at least I think so, or for whatever else you might think it would suit."


  • Audioaddicted is a music producer based in California who previously worked on video games and multimedia projects.

12. Atmosphere

Cost: $12

A relaxing track featuring sparse piano, thin drums, mellow bass, and filtered synth pads.


  • BMovier is based in Italy. His byline is "Scoring music for your guts."

13. Background Loop

Cost: $10

A funky mid-tempo track suitable for presentation and multimedia projects as background music. The instrumental progression follows a series of cool instruments including saxophone, vibes and electric piano.


  • DL-music has been an AudioJungle author since February 2009, and currently has three tracks in his portfolio.

14. Be Calm

Cost: $8

An ambient loop featuring tremolo electric piano and sax, accompanied by a subtle rhythm track.


  • Solidbeats (Stefan Gustafsson) is a Swedish composer who has been with AudioJungle for years, and produces music in a wide variety of genres.

15. Smoove

Cost: $10

A smooth and laid back R'n'B groove featuring electric piano. "Ideal as background music, easy to loop and fade out with minor skills when it comes to editing audio."


  • Slats (Andy Slatter) is a guitarist based in the UK who has been producing music for more than quarter of a century. He is also an AudioJungle audio reviewer, and an author who has contributed 11 tutorials to Audiotuts+.

16. Ambient Website Background Sound Pack

Cost: $14

"A full length ambient website background track, which is also broken down into it’s sub parts, 10 variations to allow the user to re-arrange into a custom built track or use the individual parts on different parts of a website/movie. The variations are subtle, so there is a nice flow between each part, but there is enough change in feel to create a nice feeling of build, from the sparse delay driven acoustic guitar and percussion intro to the full pad swells and electronic drums.


  • Musicant is a graphic artist and music producer based in the Ukraine.

17. The First Kiss

Cost: $12

"Easy, light music which bears in itself positive emotions." It features a guitar melody, and will sit in the background of a presentation nicely.


  • Flashleap is a multimedia designer who composes in his free time.

18. Soothing Guitar Background Loop 2

Cost: $8

"A must for those who want a soothing background music for any project use. Guitar is used as the main instrument, with drum and a bit of chill aspect as the background creating an mellow and soothing mood which is relaxing and easy listening."


  • Plastic3 (Alexander Polishchuk) formerly wrote songs for a number of leading Russian artists, and now concentrates on electronic, dance and edgy orchestral music for Film and TV productions. He is based in Europe.

19. Energetic Background Pack

Cost: $27

This pack contains five full electronic tracks which contain many different instruments and emotions.


  • SoundProdigy is a web developer and graphic artist based in Europe.

20. Good Luck

Cost: $10

An up-tempo corporate motivational track with a guitar groove and violin/strings melody.

What types of stock audio files do you need for your projects? Which of the 20 tracks above did you enjoy most? Are you interested in becoming an AudioJungle author? Let us know in the comments.

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