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30 Great Ambient and Background Loops (via AudioJungle)

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We're closing in on a year now since Envato launched its audio double header of AudioJungle and Audiotuts+ and though it's taken a while, the growth has been slow and steady! We've had some brilliant tutorials here on Audiotuts+ and over on AudioJungle we've had some really great loops and tracks. One of the most popular classes of music in the 'Jungle has been without a doubt ambient and background music. So we've rounded up 30 of the best ambient and background loops for you to take a wander through as a sample of the great work over at AudioJungle!

Aether 8 CAT 00

From the Author:Unreleased Ambient Electronic Music

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:Grinding & Waving | Long length Full Track | BPM 100 | Main track + III Variations.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Mi Casa

From the Author:Nice soft chillout loop, with brazilian touch, electronic drums.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

SolidBeats - Clear Blue Skies

From the Author:It's all about harmony here folks. Imagine yourself laying down on your back on fresh-cut green grass with a straw in your mouth and just looking up towards the sky day dreaming away.

$10 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:Acid Jazz sound loops, sound very suitable for film, video, sites and galleries of images.

$5 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:Relax loop.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Lament of a fairy

From the Author:Melancholic, fairy tale, sad, imaginary, dreaming, piano, melody.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Solidbeats - Aqua

From the Author:Another relaxed ambient tune from me. Loopable.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

ADG3_sadPack2 : Spotted Gems

From the Author:A slightly sadder, calm, light, tranquil relaxed loop, with a piano melody and classical guitar notes dancing along in harmony.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:A bgLoop with an airy, jazzy groove feel. Can be looped.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

A Jazz Afternoon

From the Author:Soft melody using guitar solo. Sensual, intimate and flowing. A soothing jazz piece for any project use. Mellow and soothing ambient, like walking down the street in a lazy afternoon.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview

Lounging in the sun

From the Author:An small older trip hop, hip hop feeling loop with a very chill vibe and atmosphere, makes you zone out.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview

AudioAddicted: Atmosphere

From the Author:Relaxing, dreamy, calm, serene ambient track for your flash movies and commercials. Features piano, thin drums, mellow bass, and filtered synth pads. Includes .mp3 and .wav file. This file loops.

$10 - More Details & Audio Preview

Distant Horizon

From the Author:A soft ambient, flowing tune, punctuated with a soft melodious beat.

$10 - More Details & Audio Preview

ADG3 : ambientPack5 : Aqua Vitae

From the Author:The Water of life - A new age holistic, spiritual journey of soothing, tranquil contemplative meditation.A great track for calm and peaceful atmospheres.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Piano Nature II

From the Author:Gentle, delicate piano accompanied by singing baby birds.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:Piano, Strings & Ancient flutes mixed with a calm breakbeat.

$10 - More Details & Audio Preview

Starlight Sunset

From the Author:A deep, warm and very rich ambient instrumental track, based around jazz chordings with live guitar and bass. It is written in 4 bar sections, so has a number of theoretical loops within itself. Good for setting a slightly darker deeper mood.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:Simple loop sweet and refined ambient sound good for video, film and web site.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview

Cosmic Constellations II

From the Author:We have not seen true beauty until we fly amongst the stars...

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Peaceful Retreat

From the Author:Sit back and let the sound wash over you. Chilled percussive, filtered beat sound with minimal bass.

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview

Solidbeats - Farewell

From the Author:Another loopable ambient / Chill out tune of mine...

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Timeless Meadows

From the Author:A place with meadows where time does not exist...

$3 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:Soft & dreamy | Medium length loop | BPM 65.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Cafe Window

From the Author:Watching the world go by through a coffee house window...

$3 - More Details & Audio Preview

Downtempo Candy #1

From the Author:Downtempo loop. Suitable for websites, films, tv, videos, flash animations...

$5 - More Details & Audio Preview


From the Author:This song is intended for meditation. It was made repetitive intentionally to make one focus on breathing. It can be used for other open atmospheric things too. It has been used for Qi Gong for example.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Lunar Blue

From the Author:Slow motion aquatic journey...

$6 - More Details & Audio Preview

Ominous Piano Atmospheres

From the Author:Spacious and moody ambient short piano piece.

$8 - More Details & Audio Preview

Why do we allow it

From the Author:A deep, thoughtful and creative new age-ish piece that would go well in an emotionally charged flash work or video.

$10 - More Details & Audio Preview

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