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35 Best Royalty Free Music Tracks for Travel Videos


Travelling has been growing in popularity in the past decade, and with it the explosion of Instagram and YouTube travel themed videos. 

Here's 30 of the best royalty-free music tracks for travel videos available at AudioJungle.

I’ve arranged them by the general destinations: Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Islands of the World. 

Latin America

Aerial view over Rio De Janeiro
Envato Elements Stock Photo

Samba, Rumba, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bomba—from Mexico to Argentina, the range of music coming out of Latin America is wide and varied. 

The most popular styles are a blend of African, Indigenous and European sounds and range from uptempo beats to dreamy, laidback rhythms. 

No matter which Latin American country you’re travelling to, you’ll find a sound to match the mood of your video in one of the over 2,623 tracks at AudioJungle. 

Here's the five best in this category:

1. Latin Summer

2. Salsa

3. Mexican Song

4. Latin Percussion

5. Latin Mind

Middle East

Caravan in Desert
Envato Elements Stock Photo

With a distinct sound created by the Persian oud, the dilruba, the bansuri flute and the qanun, the Middle Eastern tracks featured here are both hypnotic and exciting and range from the upbeat to the gently contemplative. 

Whether the journey takes you to Persia or Egypt, the tracks in this category on AudioJungle will bring a touch of authenticity to your creation. 

6. Petra

7. Istanbul Orient

8. Eastern Charm

9. The Letter

10. Middle East


With such a wide and ethnically diverse region, it's impossible to represent all the sounds of Asia with just five selections, so I’ve selected a few of the more popular destinations in Asia. 

If you don’t find the sound you are looking for here, you're sure to find it in the Asia category at AudioJungle.

Chinese fishnets on sunset Kochi Kerala India
Envato Elements Stock Photo

11. India

12. Japanese

13. Thailand

14. Asian

15. Chinese Spring


Giraffe and springboks at a waterhole in Northern Namibia
Envato Elements Stock Photo

Bringing a western twist to some of the traditional music found across Africa, these tracks present a range of sounds and instruments from bouncy percussions to catchy tribal vocals. 

They don’t represent any one country in Africa, per se, but attempt to blend sounds from different countries to create a sound that can be used for videos featuring most countries you travel to on the continent.

16. African Music Background

17. African Savanna

18. Happy Africa

19. Africa Tribal World

20. African Beat


Venice gondolas and San Giorgio basilica
Envato Elements Stock Photo

Music from Europe is as hard to represent in just five tracks as any of the other geographical areas represented here. 

So I’ve chosen music identified with just five countries from different points on the European map that’s ideal for your travel video, but just remember that if I haven’t mentioned a country you’re interested in, you can search for your country of choice at AudioJungle.

21. Irish

22. Bavaria

23. Spanish

24. The Greek

25. Russian

North America

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco USA
Envato Elements Stock Photo

In spite of the attempt to forge one identity from many, North American music is still heavily influenced by the culture of the dominant ethnic groups that colonised or migrated to the continent. 

This has led to quite an exciting range of music across each country, particularly the United States. This means, of course, that no matter where you’re travelling in North America, you can find quite a unique regional sound to enhance your video production, from Blue Grass in Kentucky to Zydeco or Cajan in Louisiana to the Blues of the Mississippi Delta. 

Here are just five of the wonderful tracks that reflect this wonderful musical heritage.

26. Banjo Funk

27. Country

28. Summer French Jazz

29. That Hip-Hop

30. Blues Rock

Islands of the World

Tropical Islands
Envato Elements Stock Photo

The islands of the world rarely get a look in on any list, but from Iceland to Barbados, they are very popular vacation spots, and many of them have their own unique music that will lend your music video just the right vibe. 

This list of five can’t possibly represent the range of island sounds out there, so again just regard it as a place to start.

31. Bonita Beach 

32. Jamaican Sun

33. Tropical Island Life

34. Hawaiian Love

35. Southern Atoll

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These 35 royalty-free music tracks for travel videos represent just a tiny selection of the thousands of tracks available at AudioJungle and Envato Elements, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and or editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials that Envato Tuts+ has on offer.

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