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A Dozen Decent Websites for Drummers

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Tonight it's the drummers' turn. Where should you turn to learn your rudiments, develop your technique, practise your percussion, and learn to customize your gear. Here are 12 sites you shouldn't miss.

This list was inspired by your answers to our Open Mic about the best websites for drummers. As always, it's bound to be incomplete. Please help us out by adding any useful sites we missed in the comments.

Drum Lessons

1. Vic Firth Education Resource Centre

A huge list of video lessons on drum sets, snare drum, concert/keyboard percussion, marching/world percussion and more.

2. Drum Bum Free Drum Lessons

"You spoke, we listened! You wanted more free drums lessons, fewer broken links, and you
wanted the online drum lessons to be searchable. If you like the old format (Drum Lessons Database),
it is still live and usable. Otherwise, please enjoy our new Drum Lessons site with tons of online lessons."

3. GospelChops.com - Gospel Drums

"Welcome to GospelChops.com! We are your premier online resource for FREE Gospel Music Lessons. We search the globe to discover the hottest gospel musicians who are willing to share their gospel skills and provide music lessons for gospel drums, gospel bass, gospel piano, gospel organ, gospel guitar, and more!!! If you want to learn gospel music, look no further than GospelChops!"


"The DRUMMERWORLD project was created 15 years ago
by Bernhard Castiglioni in Switzerland - that's me.

"My intention is to spread the word and show the younger drummers and students the masters at work - from the beginnings to the present.

"I want to keep DRUMMERWORLD clean, fast and free for all drummers and friends."

The site features drummers, drum clinics, videos, a discussion forum and more.

5. Play Drums Now

A site that is geared towards more advanced drummers.

"Learning how to play drums online can be fun and life-improving! It really is easier than you think. Soon, you will pick up the sticks and become a natural drummer in a matter of months, simply by using the right methods. Drums are the first musical instrument ever discovered, and by far the most primal. Visit the drum lessons page for free articles, videos, and downloads for drummers. We strive to bring you the best content, whether it’s a drum tuner review or a full blown course, we got you covered."

6. The Official Kind Beats Website

"The point of this site is to not only function as my official page, but to also serve as an online haven for drummers, drum lovers, and just cool people in general to come together and have both mature and respectful discussions about their favorite topic – DRUMS! Here are just a few of the things that this site will offer:

  • Free Kind Beats Online Community/Forums
  • Music and Video Archives
  • Both Free and Purchasable Drum Lessons
  • Both Free and Purchasable Drum Loops
  • Artist Interviews"

7. Harmony Central - Drums and Percussion

A huge directory with access to drum and percussion lessons.

8. Drummer Connection

A site with drum lessons, blogs and forums.

Drum Gear

9. PimpCo

A site that is perfect for drum customization (new head designs, or wrap designs or custom designs).

10. Vdrums Forum

Helpful forum for Roland electronic kits.

11. Pearl Drummers Forum

Discuss Pearl drums with other drummers, and get support.

Other Language Sites

12. elDRUMblog.com

A drum blog in Spanish.

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