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Author Interview: Meet Björgvin Benediktsson

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This post is part of a series called Author Interviews.
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We have some amazing authors at Audiotuts+. Besides being incredibly talented at making and producing music, they’ve made the choice to share their knowledge with the rest of us. And that’s not an easy thing to do – they take hours out of their busy days and nights to sit down and write step-by-step tutorials so that we can learn to do what they do.

We thought a lot of you might be curious to find out more about them. What do they do? What have they accomplished? What do they drink? So we’ll take some time over the next weeks and months to pull back the curtain and let you see. Today we meet Björgvin Benediktsson.

What do you do professionally when you're not writing for Audiotuts+?

I'm a full time student studying business at the moment. Other than that I have written for a few other internet publications and for my own site Audio-issues.com. I currently have my hands full with a few writing projects so I guess you could call me a professional writer, since I seem to write about audio and music more than anything.

Tell us about your studio.

I recently moved to the U.S. so I've been busy trying to create a home studio in my spare bedroom. It's actually a project that I'm going to be creating into an e-book that documents good practices, do's and don'ts and the hurdles that somebody putting up their own home studio might face.

I'm slowly but surely buying back some of the equipment I've had to sell due to the constant moves around the world (Spain to Iceland to U.S.A). I've gotten some basic equipment back but like I said, it takes some time for a full-time student to get his studio back together.

I'm aiming to create a small and comfortable one room project studio to shape ideas and do some mixing in. The plan is to have a dedicated production station, with easy access to guitars and keyboards along with a well treated vocal booth in the corner. For more extravagant tracking, mixing or mastering I sometimes use the facilities at Allusion Studios, owned by engineer extraordinaire Jim Pavett who I interviewed for Audiotuts+ a while ago.

Have you had any interesting projects this year?

I haven't had many actual recording or mixing projects due to the lack of a studio this past year, but I've had some great writing projects, some of which are still under wraps. I did mix some songs for Dan Vandango and I think I even used some of those audio files as audio examples for some tutorials.

I did some local live sound back home in Iceland before I moved to the U.S. and the quality of music coming out of the Icelandic music scene always astounds me. I could almost say I would be content to do live sound for Icelandic rock bands for the rest of my life.

Tell us about some of your biggest audio-related successes.

Graduating at the top of my class from SAE Institute, learning about audio all in Spanish was a pretty big personal success. Developing my own brand Audio Issues, and my own product Audio Notes are also things I am immensely proud of. I love bringing audio knowledge and education to the masses in easy to digest bite-sized tips.

What do you do for fun?

Well, I enjoy traveling, writing and doing music related stuff. I adhere to the "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" philosophy so I feel really happy being able to get by professionally by doing stuff I love.

I love doing out-doorsy things like golfing, hiking, biking and climbing. I enjoy most things that have a high tendency of getting your heart racing and a small chance of getting yourself hurt. I'm also a big fan when it comes to great TV shows so it's always great to wind down after a long day with a little TV.

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