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Contributions are Open + Meet the AT Editor!

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For the last few weeks we've been busily preparing for the launch of our fourth TUTS site and I'm happy to say it's imminent! The site is now all unwrapped and ready, contributions are open and I thought I would take a moment to introduce your editor extraordinairre and AUDIOTUTS host - Skellie!

Send in a Tutorial

As with all our TUTS sites (PSDTUTS, VECTORTUTS, NETTUTS), we'll be publishing both regular writers and contributions from our readers! Anyone can send in a tutorial and if it's published we'll pay you $150 to go with the everlasting fame and kudos that you get from showcasing your knowledge for one and all to see.

Naturally we look for a very high level of quality in the tutorial subjects and writing, so not every tutorial will be published. So if you'd like to just pitch a tutorial and see if it's heading in the right direction you can do that also.

You'll find everything you need to send in a tutorial on our Contribute page. But if you have any questions or need clarification you can shoot us an email.

Meet Skellie - the AUDIOTUTS Editor!

I'm very pleased to announce your site editor and manager is a fellow Australian with not just tons of blogging experience but also a passion for all things auditory - Skellie! You might recognize Skellie from her blogs Skelliewag and Anywired, or as editor of our sister blog FreelanceSwitch. She's got a fantastic nose for great content and I'm confident our newest tutorial centre is in the best possible hands.

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