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Envato's Kuala Lumpur Conference

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We are currently half way through our two week Envato conference. This has been a great time to meet and mingle with all the people who make the network of Envato sites a reality. We've been having daily sessions discussing how to better help our different communities better "Earn and Learn" online.

I spend the vast majority of my time running Audiotuts+ (and Envato Notes), but there are a bunch of other incredible sites in the Envato Network. As you already know, Audiotuts+ is part of the collection of Tuts+ sites with free educational content being delivered to a massive audience each day.

This two week conference is a chance for the Tuts+ Editors along with all those who run the Marketplace sites to get together with the development team and admin staff to discuss the future of the company and have a super stellar time collaborating on best practices and company goals. We've also been "enjoying" the Malaysia heat! :-)

Check out some of the most recent photos from the event.

Envato truly is an amazing company. We make the community a priority and it's been awesome to hear many of the plans for growth. Good things are coming!


We've been chatting quite a bit about areas we can improve. I'd like to ask for your feedback too.

What have you enjoyed on the site? Is there anything you don't like? Is there anything we're missing?

Instead of just focusing too much on a specific tutorial or two, we're more interested in bigger picture thoughts. For example, do you prefer written tutorials? Any other categories of content you'd like to see more of? If you could change anything about the interface or user experience that would make the site better, what would it be?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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