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Follow the New @envatoaudio Twitter Channel

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Envato twitter accounts @audiotuts and @audiojungle have merged! We have officially joined forces to form @envatoaudio, our channel for all things audible and musical. Read on to find out what improvements we’ve made and why you should follow us.

Follow @envatoaudio on Twitter

We're combining Twitter accounts by area of interest across the Envato network. We're hoping to develop strong communities of creatives who share the same interest - in our case audio - and reduce the number of places you need to look, and accounts you need to follow, to get the latest audio news and updates.

@envatoaudio is a new Twitter channel that will post the latest Audiotuts+ content as soon as it is up. It will also include banter, news, inspiration, links tweeted by myself and AudioJungle site manager Scott Wills.

It will also be used as a channel for all relevant Freelance Switch job postings, items of interest on AudioJungle, all relevant additions to Creattica, plus general news from Envato. That should keep you busy, shouldn’t it?

So head over to @envatoaudio and follow us today. And you might want to unfollow @audiotuts and @audiojungle so you don't receive duplicate tweets during the transition period.

Like Audiotuts on Facebook

Our Facebook page will remain the same - facebook.com/audiotuts. While you're being social, why not head over and follow (or "like") us there as well?

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