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Fun, Playful and Happy: Top 10 Royalty-Free Songs for Children

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'Incy Wincy Spider'. 'Baby Shark'. 'The Wheels on the Bus'. All of these are songs for children that have gone beyond their realm and have become part of pop culture. So much so, that it's hard to find someone that doesn't know them. 

If you need to give a multimedia project a playful, fun and childlike spin, go through the list I've put together below to find the best rated royalty-free music for children available on AudioJungle

1. Comical Piano 

Starting out light with a cutesy piano that plays a comical tune. This royalty-free music track can be perfect to convey innocence and playfulness in your projects.

2. Funny Kids 

Young children can be hilarious. They have no inhibitions and no filter. If that's what you want to portray in your movie, ad or other audiovisual, this is the song to do that with.

3. Zippy 

This is the quintessential background music for when something mischievous is going on. It mixes a piano, xylophone, tuba and trumpet to achieve that naughty sound.

4. Happy Kids 

The title 'Happy Kids' is certainly fitting. Claps, a light guitar, a piano and an upbeat tempo give this song the cheerful, bright mood you're looking for. 

5. Happy Do-Do-Doot 

Not as childlike as the other pieces on this list, this royalty-free music track is still able to keep your spirits up. Plus, it'll have you singing 'do-do-doot' in no time flat.

6. Mobile Fun 

This next addition to the list has a retro and super fun vibe that makes you want to get up and dance like a child.  

7. Upbeat Kids 

Whistle along this upbeat royalty-free music track. It'll make you feel happy, carefree, joyful and optimistic. Make your audience feel the same way with this tune.

8. Baby Music Box 

Children are incredibly energetic and playful. But, they're also sweet and innocent. Take the audience back to infancy with this lovely melody straight out of a baby music box. 

9. The Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice 

To elevate the moods once more, this royalty-free music track. It's quirky and dynamic, which makes it the perfect match for any animation project that you may have.

10. Johny Johny Yes Papa 

To end this list, a new spin on 'Johny Johny Yes Papa'. Trumpets, guitars and an upbeat tune accompany this popular English-language nursery rhyme.


Finding high quality royalty-free music tracks that conveys a childlike spirit can be a big hassle. 

In this list I've put together, you can listen to ten of the very best tunes that AudioJungle's library has to offer. This way, you can keep your audiovisual projects fun, playful and happy!

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