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Get 20% off Logic-Courses.com Courses with this Coupon Code

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We just finished a competition giving away accredited courses at Logic-Courses.com. If you weren't lucky enough to win, we're offering you the next-best thing: 20% off. Details after the break.

Logic-Courses.com offer certified online video training courses to suit Logic users of all levels - from beginner to advanced users. They are offering Audiotuts+ readers 20% off. Just use the coupon code TUT20 when you sign up.

Here is some information about their courses:

If you want to get the most out of your Logic software suite and learn all the latest tips, tricks and workflow methods then this brand new online training course provides the perfect solution for you.

Logic Courses provides both a basic/intermediate and advanced level course to support all levels of users, and the courses are delivered through a series of online video tutorials which you can access at any time, from wherever you are.

These videos will tell you more:

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