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Introducing Flashtuts+

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I receive all kinds of suggestions for new Tuts+ sites, but none have been quite so numerous as the requests for us to launch a Flash tutorials site. And with good reason: we cover Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and web development, so why not Adobe Flash?

Today we're pleased to introduce the newest member of the Tuts+ family: Flashtuts+

Go on, open a new tab, check it out, leave a comment, then keep reading to learn more about our plans for the site.

We'll be publishing a combination of step-by-step written tutorials and screencasts, with preview .SWF files of each effect so you can see the final result of each tutorial before you invest time in it. We'll be providing Flash, Flex and ActionScript techniques for use in multimedia, web and UI design, games and apps. In most weeks we'll be publishing 2 - 3 high quality tutorials, so make sure to subscribe to the Flashtuts+ RSS feed so you don't miss a thing.

If you think you have the skills to create a screencast or text and image tutorial for Flashtuts+, it's easy to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and pitch your idea. We're hungry for user contributions and pay $150 USD for an accepted tutorial.

Meet the Editor, Ian Yates

Ian Yates is a British graphic designer specializing in illustration and web design. He's also a regular Vectortuts+ author with a passion for Flash! Based in Spain, Ian works with clients far and wide and is proud to be part of the world's growing community of freelancers.

We hope you enjoy Flashtuts+!

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