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Music 3.0 - a New Book by Bobby Owsinski


There is a lot of interest in Bobby Owsinski's new book "Music 3.0", which is the prize in this week's competition. This press release will explain more about it. And don't forget next week's blog tour event when you can ask Bobby questions about the book, and you get a second chance to win it.

The Music World Is Changing And The Music 3.0 Guidebook Shows How

“Music 3.0 - A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age”
by Bobby Owsinski Now Available

The music world is changing quickly and the old rules and methods no longer apply. Musicians need a guidebook to help them understand how everything has changed, why it will change even more, and how they can take advantage of those changes, and Music 3.0 - A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age, written by best-selling music and recording author Bobby Owsinski and released by Hal Leonard’s Music Pro Guides publishing division, is that book.

The Music 3.0 guidebook contains everything an artist needs to understand and explore the opportunities of the current music business environment, including a comparison and overview of both the old and the new music industries, a look at the innovators and how to apply their methods, new music marketing, sales and distribution theories and techniques, and perhaps the most important item, exactly how to make money in this new music world.

The Music 3.0 guidebook is aimed at artists who need to market and distribute their music but aren’t aware of the myriad of possibilities that current technology makes available to them. The book describes a variety of low-cost high and low tech marketing, sales and promotion tips, as well as a strategy for building your audience and sustaining your career.

The Music 3.0 guidebook also provides insights, tips and tricks from a number of top music technology gurus in areas like search engine marketing and optimization, social media public relations and artist marketing, music for games, music publishing, upcoming technologies on the horizon, as well as several record label perspectives.

For more information, a table of contents and several chapter excerpts, go to the Music 3.0 Internet Music Survival Guide page on the official Bobby Owsinski website.

And also worth checking out is the newly-released Music 3.0 blog at music3point0.blogspot.com.

Still interested? To learn more, stay tuned for a blog tour event next Monday night (US) / Tuesday morning (Australia). Bobby will be answering questions about the book, and you will get the opportunity to ask your own. The person with the best question will win a copy of the book.

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