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Open Mic: Are You Tempted By the New Version of Adobe Audition?

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Each week we open our mic to readers and lurkers alike to come out of the woodwork and tell us your thoughts and opinion, your experiences and mistakes, what you love and what you hate. We want to hear from you, and here’s your chance.

The new Adobe Suite has just come out, packed with improvements and new features. That news might not be as exciting in the audio world as it is in the graphical. Do Adobe Audition's new features tempt you?

Adobe Audion is commonly used by people who use one of Adobe's other apps - say Photoshop or After Effects - and need an audio editor from time to time. But it doesn't seem to be a favorite among audio producers, including the readers here at Audiotuts+.

Adobe lists a slew of new features for Adobe Audion CS6 (see below). Do these features tempt you to take Audion more seriously, or switch to it as your main DAW? Let us know in the poll.

Check out the new features here.

Update: Apologies, I created this post in Kuala Lumpur (at the Envato Meetup) with spotty internet. It looks like the final updates didn't get through, and the post was a bit of a mess. The poll is now the correct one.

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