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Open Mic: Where Can I Find "Redistributable" Music


Lots of music come with "all rights reserved". But often people need music they can freely redistribute as part of a project. Where can they find it?

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Games developers, Flash developers, Powerpoint slideshow developers, tutorial writers and even musicians sometimes need to distribute the source files of their project. But if the music they use is "all rights reserved", that becomes a problem.

For example, I recently received an email asking for help for someone working on a tutorial about creating a Flash audio mixer. The source files of the project is going to be distributed as part of the tutorial - preferably with the example music included. Distributing copyrighted music would land this author in hot water.

So, where can people download music with an appropriate license in situations like these - whether it is public domain, creative commons, "free music", or some other compatible license? Are you part of a project that makes music like this available? Or do you use "redistributable" music in your own projects? Let us know in the comments.

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