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Save 50% When Purchasing the Ebook "Game Audio 101"

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Earlier this week we gave away a copy of Ben Long's new ebook, Game Audio 101: The Insiders Guide to Music & Sound for Mobile Games. Now we can offer all of our readers 50% off the cost of the ebook. Just use discount code AT101ebooksxsw45 when checking out.

Game Audio 101: The Insiders Guide to Music & Sound for Mobile Games

Here are some details about the book:

Mobile is by far, the fastest growing sector of the video game industry. New mobile devices appear almost weekly, each promising heightened user experience. This has created new challenges for audio professionals. Join Ben Long as he reveals the creative, technical and business aspects of audio in mobile games, including:

  • The #1 secret to mixing audio for mobile apps
  • Overlooked methods of breaking into game audio
  • Free music / sound resources for mobile developers

Learn unpublished techniques for working with game audio on multiple platforms. Get the inside story behind todays top grossing mobile games

About the Author

Ben Long is a composer, sound designer and audio director. Over the years his sonic signature has become a secret weapon for game developers worldwide. In addition to games, his music can be heard across every major TV network. His new book, "The Insiders Guide To Music & Sound for Mobile Games" covers the creative and technical aspects of today's fast paced, mobile game development industry. Ben is featured in three game design textbooks and recently spoke at GDC China.

Learn more at www.gameaudio101.com.

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