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Source Files Section Added to AudioJungle


Over at our sister marketplace, AudioJungle, we've just added another feature that makes it easier for musicians to make money with us, and more convenient for buyers to get their stock audio from us.

Up until now, we've limited sales to music or sound effect files in WAV format. Source files enables authors to upload their project files, for a significantly higher earning per sale, allowing buyers to customize the audio they purchase to their needs.

This is a pretty cool new feature, not least of all because it helps authors make more while providing buyers with a really useful option should they need it. Win-win news is our favorite kind of news, especially in an industry where it's hard to please everyone — often enough, changing something in favor of the authors makes things worse for buyers, and vice versa.

Find out how to make money uploading your source files to AudioJungle. Don't forget to sell the regular audio mixdown, too — that way you won't miss sales from buyers who don't want to pay extra for the ability to customize.

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