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The 30 Best Envato Music Kits of 2017

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Music Kits Quick Overview

If you're new to Envato's Music Kits, read Eric Schwarz's tutorial Why Envato Music Kits Are the Essential Audio Solution to Any Project or, for a quick overview, view the video above.

Music Kits

Whether you’re creating videos, podcasts, TV or radio ads, films, slideshows or mobile phone apps, the music you use is going to be a critical component of your creation because it sets the tone and influences the emotional response your viewer has to your product. 

Happily there’s plenty of fantastic royalty-free music to be found at AudioJungle. However the typical music item is usually a fixed-length track, which is ideal for those who have specialised audio editing equipment and skills but not so great for those who don't. 

This is where music kits come into their own.

A music kit is a song track that has been pre-edited into individual musical sections that can be rearranged like building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured theme songs.

This means that without musical or audio expertise or highly specialised audio software, you can create a professional finish to your soundtracks by dragging and dropping individual song sections to fit both the length of music your project requires as well as the tempo progression needed.

Whether you’re looking for music that is inspirational, dramatic, playful or commercial, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for at AudioJungle

To save you some time, here’s a selection of the 30 best music kits of 2017 to get you started.



We all need a little inspiration in our lives and the five music kits in this category will prove very popular for those looking to sprinkle a little motivational magic on their multimedia projects.

1.  Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Pop Kit

Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Pop Kit is a music kit version of one of AudioJungle’s best-selling tracks. Using drums, electric guitar, bass, claps and synthesizers, this track will be hugely appealing to those looking for a track will breath the light of inspiration into any multimedia projects.

2. In the Moment of Inspiration Kit

In the Moment of Inspiration Kit starts with an uplifting piano riff before incorporating sweeping violins to create a moving theme with an air of contemplation.

3. Inspiring & Uplifting Summer Pop Kit

Inspiring & Uplifting Summer Pop Kit is another catchy, upbeat indie synth pop track. It has a great beat which will add a bit of summertime fun to your piece.

4. Motivational Uplifting Dance Kit

An energetic indie electro track, Motivational Uplifting Dance Kit creates a feeling of expansiveness and limitlessness plus an irresistible urge to tap your foot.

5. Fun Hipster Indie Kit

Rounding out the music kits in this category is the aptly named Fun Hipster Indie Kit. This music kit has a rousing quality that’s perfect for projects that want to inspire adventure, risk-taking, fun, freedom.



This category of music kits is all about the big theatrical sounds most often found in action adventure movies. Whatever you use them for, they’re bound to bring an air of drama and grandeur to your project.

6. Hip Hop and Rock Cinematic Trailer Kit

More rock than hip-hop, the Hip Hop and Rock Cinematic Trailer Kit packs a punch with its electric guitars and hard industrial energetic edge. Great for sports video or any other action-oriented project.

7. Adventure Trailer Kit

The Adventure Trailer Kit takes a more orchestral approach to the dramatic, which gives it a bit of a cross-over with the inspirational category above, while still retaining an action adventure edge.

8. Epic Trailer Kit

Another kit that takes an orchestral approach to the dramatic, the Epic Trailer Kit is ideal for movie trailers and video game projects which involve adventure stories or big themes like battle scenes of good and evil.  

9. Action Big Beat Kit

Using electric guitars and synth FX, the Action Big Beat Kit creates an exciting soundtrack that will work well with outdoor adventure, sports, action adventure projects and more.

10. Epic Patriotic Kit

The Epic Patriotic Kit uses a full orchestra and choir to create lower energy and higher energy riffs in a way that feels both inspirational and grandly theatrical at the same time.



This category of music kits has become quite popular over the past few years with the proliferation of online how-to videos. It’s light and fun and sometimes a little cheeky, thus making learning a technique or following a sequence of steps feel enjoyable rather than tedious.

11. Upbeat Kit

Upbeat Kit is an easy shoo-in for this category. An impossibly cheerful, catchy pop track complete with handclaps and whistling, it’s bound to make the most dull subject feel like a day at the beach.

12. Quirky, Bright and Fun Kit

The clue is in the title. Quirky, Bright and Fun Kit is so full of charm and positivity it will make you believe in fairies and unicorns. 

It comes with or without whistling, so you can use the background track and incorporate the main whistling melody if and when you choose.

13. Motivate Background Melody Kit

Motivate Background Melody Kit is just as light and happy as the first two in this category but is a more subtle track, so it crosses over easily into the inspirational category as well and will appeal to a wider cross-section of users. 

14. Acoustic Indie Folk Kit

A folk-pop track using acoustic guitar and some vocals, Acoustic Indie Folk Kit is another crossover track that will suit instructional videos, as well as multi-media projects dealing with lifestyle or fashion, food and adventure. 

15. Fulfilling Dreams Kit

Using piano, drums, acoustic guitar and synthesisers, the Fulfilling Dreams Kit is a another bright, perky and playful music kit theme that will be a joy to add to any multi-media project. 



Music used for corporations tends to cover a range of applications, from training to advertisement and everything in-between, but it generally has the same aim, which is to engage and motivate an audience.

With this in mind, here are the five best to be found at AudioJungle in this category.

16. Corporate Kit

Corporate Kit combines the right amount of confidence and inspiration with a hint of seriousness to make it the ideal music kit in this category.

17. Corporate Relax Kit

Light and positive, the Corporate Relax Kit would make a great soundtrack for motivational stories, testimonials and a wide variety of other corporate videos.

18. Upbeat Corporate 7 Kit

Upbeat Corporate 7 Kit is a energetic music kit that can be used for in-house training videos, business presentations and videos.

19. Striving to Success Kit

Striving for Success Kit uses a combination of piano, string, drums and acoustic guitar to create a track that is upbeat, optimistic and very aspirational. 

20. Modern Corporate Kit

Rounding out the corporate category is Modern Corporate Kit that starts with a simple piano melody and gradually builds up with strings, guitar and percussion. 

It has a wonderfully positive, optimistic mood.



If you're looking for something a bit more edgy for a multi-media project then this category of music kits is definitely for you. 

Popular among creative business, funky music kits tend to be upbeat and motivational with a bit of a cool edge.

21. Stomp Clap Slap Kit

There’s a reason the Stomp Clap Slap Kit is the bestselling music kit on AudioJungle. 

Made entirely from body clapping, slapping, and stomping sounds, the Stomp Clap, Slap Kit delivers big on energy and rhythm and will bring quite a unique sound to a multi-media project.

22. Around The World Kit

Groovy, positive and memorable, the Around the World Kit is an indie synth-pop composition that takes uplifting to a whole new level. 

23. Hip Hop Kit

The Hip Hop Kit has a laidback smooth Jazz sound that will appeal to fashion, lifestyle and visual media brands.

24. Upbeat Funk Commercial Kit

The ultimate in groovy upbeat funk with a vintage twist, the Upbeat Funk Commercial Kit is suitable for a range of multi-media projects that want to project a fresh, young and cool image. 

25. Rock And Roll Kit

Another track for the cool kids, The Rock And Roll Kit is all about the electric guitar creating an energetic hard-rock concert vibe.



For those moments when you need to pull at your audience’s heartstrings there is the emotional music kit category.

26. In the Moment of Inspiration Kit

In the Moment of Inspiration Kit features piano solos combined with violin and full orchestra riffs to create a rich, inspiring and beautiful piece of music.

27. Experimental Kit

A quiet and somewhat dreamy track, Experimental Kit is a great piece of background music for a wide range of creative multi-media projects like a photo slideshow or fashion look-book video.

28. Peaceful Kit

The Peaceful Kit is a background track of beautifully soft music that would work well with wedding videos and slide shows.

29. Spirit Kit

A somewhat otherworldly music track with moving piano solos and dramatic full orchestra riffs, Spirit Kit is a wonderful addition for a film or video soundtrack.

30. Emotional Kit

The Emotional Kit combines piano solos with sweeping orchestral riffs to create quite a cinematic composition that is tender, romantic and inspirational.


These 30 best music kits of 2017 are just a small selection of the thousands of music kits  available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills building music tracks yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials on offer.

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