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Top 5 Workshops of 2009


At Audiotuts+ we regularly put up a reader track for workshopping and critique. A brave music producer submits a track, and you pick it to pieces - constructively, of course. The five workshops below received the greatest amount of interest and feedback in the comments.

  • Workshop #7: The Frozen Rose by Excellion

    Workshop #7: The Frozen Rose by Excellion

    Excellion writes: “This is a song that the band has been working on, for the EP."

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  • Workshop #2: Chopper by Pan

    Workshop #2: Chopper by Pan

    Björgvin writes: “Unpublished track from Icelandic group Pan I was in for years. I am studying at SAE Institute in Madrid and had the master tracks so I am trying my hand at mixing the thing. It was recorded in Protools but mixed in Logic Pro 8. I just want all your opinions about the sound and production of the track, so I can get more ideas as to how I can change it. Thanks."

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  • Workshop #1: Life As It Happens by Thumbnail Sketch

    Workshop #1: Life As It Happens by Thumbnail Sketch

    Brad writes: “This track was recorded and mixed by me in my home studio. I have been doing home recording for some time, but I am still trying to develop a better feel for mixing - EQ, compression, etc. I’d welcome any constructive feedback in this regard. Thanks!” You can hear more Thumbnail Sketch on their MySpace page.

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  • Workshop #6: Chillout Music by Rundstyk

    Workshop #6: Chillout Music by Rundstyk

    Rundstyk writes: “This is chillout music with influence from nature."

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  • Workshop #12: Maybe by David White

    Workshop #12: Maybe by David White

    David describes the track: "Built as excuse to play my bass, rhythm guitars are logic samples tweaked, cut and pitch shifted, synth solo was a 'happy accident'... stumbling on how to patch an arpeggiator in the environment window. Solo played with no regard to key - voicing only, arpeggiator took care of timing. Each note hand pitched to create solo in post production. Titled to evoke 'Yes'. I know it's produced 'loud', but i was excited..."

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