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Upload Your Recording for Community Workshopping & Feedback


One of the oldest and most important tools that a producer has at their disposal is objective feedback. After tweaking a mix for hours and hearing a song so many times that you're practically deaf to it, a fresh set of ears to give advice can be invaluable. We've built a strong community at AUDIOTUTS made up of both audio rookies and veterans, an audience full of fresh ears with bucketloads of knowledge and experience. So we'd like to allow you to post your mixes for workshopping and give you the chance to help others as we've helped you.

That's why we're setting up weekly community mix workshops. You can upload the tracks you'd like feedback on and you can post feedback for others in the comments. It's a symbiotic way of working that helps everyone.

To participate, you fill out the form here and upload your track, and each week we'll pick one of those tracks to feature on the site. By default, tracks will be streamed only, so you don't have to worry about people downloading your rough mixes. On the other hand, if you want to make your mix available for download, we'll make that happen — just let us know your preference using the form.

You will need to ensure that you have distribution rights for all sounds and samples used in the mix.

You can find the form here. It will be great to see the community getting more involved in the learning and teaching that make TUTS sites so useful, and we encourage you to get involved one way or the other.

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