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Wanted: Quality Quick Tips About Audio


Are you an audio guru who likes to teach others? Know any cool audio tips that others should know about? Love writing or creating screencasts? Want to make some money doing what you love? Audiotuts+ are looking for quality quick tips!

While our tutorials and articles are written by our talented team of writers, quick tips - both written and screencasts - published here on Audiotuts+ are largely contributed by readers just like you.

What We're Looking For

Quick tips must be exclusive to Audiotuts+, and not published elsewhere on the web. We're particularly looking for quality quick tips on:

We also accept written quick tips on audio software (particularly Logic Pro, Reason, Cubase, FL Studio and Pro Tools), practical music theory, and general audio production.

Also consider submitting a "freebie". These are a great way to get exposure and traffic while showing off your work to the world. If we like it, we’ll post up about your samples / loops / software instruments / VSTs / plug-ins / channel strip settings and link to your site in the freebie post! Unlike quick tips, freebies don't need to be exclusive to Audiotuts+, but don't attract any payment.

What's the Pay?

We pay $50 USD for each written or screencast quick tip.

What Next?

Head over to our "Write a Tutorial" page, and read it carefully.

From there you can either pitch an idea to us to see if we're interested, or just go ahead and submit your quick tip.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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