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Watch and Learn: Top 6 Audiotuts+ Video Series

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Read Time: 2 mins

Audiotuts+ is full of great step-by-step written tutorials that teach the art of producing music. We also have a growing number of video tutorials. People learn differently - some prefer to read, others learn better by demonstration. In this article we highlight the Top 6 video series for 2010 so far.

1. Producing Great Sound on Location

You can tell just from watching this video that Jonah Guelzo knows his stuff about both video and audio. This video begins a great series that will be continued in our Premium program. Watch out for the next episode soon.

2. Quick Tips About Setting Up Cubase

In this two-part series, Jean-Philippe Rousseau shows you how to set up Cubase 5 once and for all. Part 1 reviews how to set up the project, devices, and metronome. Part 2 covers file backup, the pan control, and the monitoring mode.

3. How to Use Glitch Techniques

This video from Richard Carrigan accompanies a detailed written tutorial on glitch techniques, including many screenshots and audio samples. The tutorial covers the use of free plug-ins that are available both for Windows and Mac.

4. Quick Tips for Beginner Guitarists

Anthony Britton is producing a great ongoing series of quick tips for beginner guitarists. The first video covers vibrato techniques. The second, how to change strings.

5. Moving Between DAWs

This three part screencast from Mo Volans looks at how to successfully export and move your audio from an existing project in one DAW to another. He uses Logic Pro 9 and Cubase 5, but his techniques work in any combination of DAWs. It's great to see Mo producing video tuts again, and I'm looking forward to see what he comes up with in the future.

6. Working with Groove-based Samples

This four-part screencast - also from Mo Volans - concentrates on how to rip samples from existing productions and sync them to your current project's tempo.

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