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We're Changing Our Name - Meet Envato


Some of the more observant of you may have noticed that starting yesterday some little "Envato Network" widgets began appearing in the top right of both this site and our other blogs and marketplaces. What is Envato? Well it's our new name!

A lot has happened since this company formed two years ago and as a team we’ve grown a lot and certainly learned a lot. When we came to trademark our company name recently, it turned out that the name Eden was pretty difficult to win a trademark for. About a dozen companies blocked our application in Australia alone! Sheesh Kebab!

While I'm a bit sad to see Eden go, I’m happy to announce that as of today we are rebranding the business under a new name: Envato.

Being an invented word, Envato is a lot easier to trademark and we hope to put our stamp firmly on the new name in the years to come! As far as I know it doesn't mean anything in any non-English languages (though I've heard it's akin to the Mexican Spanish slang for dude), but I'd love to hear if it does have any other translations that we've missed, especially if they are funny!

A Creative Eco-System

With a change like this, we thought it would be a good time to introduce a new feature to our sites in the form of a little site-switching widget that is now appearing on all our major sites in the top right. The site switcher not only allows users to flick between sites, but also ensures that our audiences are aware of all the Envato sites.

As you'll begin to see by flicking through the 10 or so sites already listed, our mission here at Envato is to build a creative eco-system of sites and services to benefit people like you and me. This year we've already launched four sites, with another half-dozen penciled in to go up before 2009. Some of those are more in our marketplace and TUTS lines, but we also have a couple of brand new ideas to launch too.

It's a pretty exciting time for our little company which started out in my living room not so long ago. These days we're still mostly working in living rooms, just more of them!

A Big Thank You!

And since it's not often that I get to post on every single one of our sites together, I thought on behalf of the whole team, I'd say thank you to all of you readers, users, members, buyers and authors who have supported us and helped us grow!

So Thank You All, and Viva Envato!

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