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We're Taking Workshops to the Next Level

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Workshops are a great way to get feedback from the community about your tracks. We're about to add a new dimension: professional song critiques! Meet Patty Way. We'll continue to push out workshops most weeks as usual, but every month or so Patty will choose a track or more and let you know what she thinks.

Who Is Patty Way?

You may be wondering who Patty Way is, and why you'd want her to critique the track you worked so hard on. Well, you've met Patty already. She has written a couple of articles for Audiotuts+.

First I'll let Patty introduce herself, and then I'll let you know why I think she's the perfect person for the job. Patty says:

Songwriting is my passion and discovering talent in someone else is very exciting to say the least. Each writer speaks in his or her own unique voice and when that uniqueness becomes a finely honed craft, a beautiful thing can emerge!

I like to believe that I have helped launch quite a few writers over the years. I love giving my opinions on songs and do my best to be constructive, but if I only give compliments I am not of much use!

Please do remember, if you submit a song, that my opinion is just an opinion, albeit an experienced one. I greatly look forward to the privilege of hearing and commenting on your songs!

I think Patty is the perfect person for this job. There are two main reasons for this: she has done a lot of song critiquing, and she is a successful songwriter.

Patty Has Done a Lot of Song Critiquing

Normally songwriters pay a lot of money for Patty to critique their songs. You'll get it for free. Here is her experience:

  • 12 years as an NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) Song Evaluator, where she did lengthy critiques of about 25 songs per week.
  • She was a judge for the NSAI Songwriting Contest for four years.
  • She was a songwriting mentor for NSAI's annual symposium six years running.
  • She was a judge for the Marlboro Showdown national songwriting contest.

Patty Is a Successful Songwriter

But Patty is also a great person to critique your song because she's been there and done that - and succeeded! Here is her Major Label discography:

Tracy Bryd, "Get In Line", Warner Brothers Records
MIchael Martin Murphy, "100 Years From Now", Warner Brothers Records
LIttle Texas, "Big Country", Warner Brothers Records
Amie Comeaux, "Written In The Stars", Polydor Records
Heather Miles, "How Could She", Rounder Records
Aaron Neville, "Dreamship", Warner Brothers
Kathie Lee Gifford, "Dreamship", Warner Brothers
Jody Benson (the LIttle Mermaid), "What's It Like To Be A Mermaid", Disney Records
Scooby Do, "What's New Scooby Do?", Cartoon Network and WB
Baby Loony Tunes, Title Theme of Series, Cartoon Network and WB

She's also had numerous cuts on minor and international labels in addition to many unreleased cuts by artists as varied as The Bee Gees and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

What Type of Tracks Can I Submit?

Patty is most comfortable critiquing country, pop, indie rock, alternative, gospel, and folk.

You are still welcome to submit tracks from other genres for community feedback. But Patty is most likely to choose a track from the above genres.

What Are You Waiting For?

Interested? Excited? Well, what are you waiting for. Get your tracks in ASAP.

Submit them for a workshop using this form. Most but not all submissions are published, and a subset of these will be chosen by Patty for a detailed critique. If we receive a large number of submissions, there may be a wait before yours is published.

And don't forget to say hello to Patty in the comments!

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