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Win Big on AudioJungle’s New TRAX Competition


The AudioJungle marketplace recently launched a new personal license called TRAX. To celebrate, we're running a contest with some incredible prizes! It's all about selling tracks on AudioJungle.

The winner is the author with the most TRAX sales by the deadline, the runner up the one with the best-selling TRAX item—as long as they're not the same person! For prizes and conditions, read on...


Grand prize:

  • $1,000 “Cash” (Paid via PayPal or Moneybookers)
  • Winner’s AudioJungle portfolio will be featured on the AudioJungle home page for 4 weeks
  • Win the much-sought after “Won a Competition” Badge

Runner up:

  • $499 16GB Apple iPad 2. (See Rules & Regulations for Terms & Conditions)
  • Win the much-sought after “Won a Competition” Badge

Bonus prizes:

  • The Top 20 selling TRAX songs on AudioJungle will be featured in a homepage collection for 4 weeks later this year. Make sure you stand a chance of getting this valuable exposure by submitting your items to TRAX !


For rules and regulations, tips and help, instructions about how to submit your tracks, and a chance to ask questions and make comments, see this thread on the AudioJungle forums.

The competition closes Friday September 2nd at midday CDT, so you have plenty of time to create those tracks! Current TRAX items are also valid.

But remember that it's the number of sales that will win you the prize, so submit your TRAX as soon as you can!

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