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Winner Announced: Win Bobby Owsinski's Book "The Drum Recording Handbook"

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Drums are the foundation of just about any kind of music. Win this book to learn just about everything you need to know about creating great rhythm tracks. To enter, all you’ve gotta do is comment! One random commenter will be chosen as winner. Too easy.

Winner Announced

This week's winner (picked at random) is Jared, who left the comment, "Drums are always a challenge. I like them to sound huge, but i rarely get them miked that way. I think I have been having phasing problems." Congratulations - we'll be in touch with you shortly.

If you didn't win and would still like the book, check it out at

Win Bobby Owsinski's Book "The Drum Recording Handbook"

For the chance to win Bobby Owinski's book The Drum Recording Handbook (pictured above) all you need to do is comment. Make sure to include your correct email address with your comment so that we can contact you. This giveaway is open worldwide, but make sure to get your comment in before midnight this Saturday, Pacific Eastern Standard Time.

The Drum Recording Handbook shows you:

  • The secret to making your drums sound great even before you turn the mikes on
  • Drum tuning tips and techniques from the famous Drum Doctor
  • How to improve almost any recording environment cheaply and easily
  • How to avoid the drum sound destroyer - phase cancellation
  • The ideal mic placement for all the drums, cymbals, and room mics
  • Simple alternative miking techniques that work every time
  • How to give your drummer a headphone mix that will make him play his very best
  • The secret to a great sounding drum mix

Drums are the foundation of just about any kind of music, and a great drum sound is essential to a great recording, but that sound can be elusive. The Drum Recording Handbook uncovers the secret of amazing drum recordings in your recording studio even with the most inexpensive gear. It’s all in the technique, and this book is going to show you how.

And you’ll get some great session advice with interviews from hit maker drummers Bernie Dresel, Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, Ricky Lawson, Brian MacLeod and Dave Weckl.

The Drum Recording Handbook also contains an instructional DVD that shows the best mic placement for every drum and cymbal, gives you tips on how to get great drum sounds, and demonstrates how to get the best drum mix you’ve ever heard. And as a special bonus, the DVD also contains an interview about drum tuning with Mike White, one of LA’s top session drummers.

A long-time veteran of the music industry, Bobby Owsinski has produced and composed for records, motion pictures and television shows along the way. Currently a principle in the content creator 2B Media, Bobby has also penned hundreds of articles for many popular industry trade publications and has authored several books that are now staples in recording programs in colleges around the world including “The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook”, “The Recording Engineer’s Handbook”, “The Audio Mastering Handbook”, “The Drum Recording Handbook”, “How To Make Your Band Sound Great,” and “The Studio Musician’s Handbook.” Bobby is a regular writer of our Plus tutorials.

If you miss out, check it out at Bobby's website or buy it from Amazon. See the table of contents, read an excerpt, or watch a video preview.

Please note: Envato staff and people who have written more than two tutorials/articles for a Tuts+ site are not eligible to enter.

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