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Workshop #137: What is Love by Wu Gang

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At Audiotuts+ we regularly put up a reader track for workshopping and critique (find out how to submit a track). This is how it works: you upload your song, and every week or so we'll publish one here and step away from the podium. The floor is yours to talk about the track and how the artist can fix problems in and improve upon the mix and the song.

This track has been submitted for your friendly, constructive criticism. They have put their track (and their heart and soul) in your hands to learn and get useful feedback.

  • Do you enjoy the song or track itself? Does it have potential?
  • Can the arrangement be improved?
  • How did you find the mix? What would you do differently?
  • What do you enjoy about the rhythm track? What can be done to improve it?
  • Is the choice of instruments relevant and effective for the style/song?
  • Are the lyrics (if any) effective? Does the style, arrangement and genre of the song suit them?
  • Can you suggest any specific techniques that might improve the track?
  • Do you have any other constructive feedback?

What is Love by Wu Gang

Description of the track:

This is my latest edit of a Dubstep/House remix of "What is Love" by Haddaway. I've been creating songs since this past summer (so 4-5 months total) and I've been using Reason 5.0 for only the past 2 months. Any tips/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm still working on this project. So far it has taken about 8-12 hours on and off for the past week.

Terms of Use: Users may stream the track for the purpose of giving feedback. Users cannot download or redistribute it.

Have a listen to the track and offer your constructive criticism for this Workshop in the comments section.

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