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Workshop #229: The Easy Life by The Velvet Chameleon

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This track has been submitted for your friendly, constructive criticism. What useful feedback can you give the artist? The floor is yours to talk about the track and how they can fix problems in and improve upon the mix and the song.

Description of the track:

This is a track off of my Fall EP, "Dandruff". Each of my seasonal EP's focus on a particular mood or genre. This EP focused on acoustic instruments and really peaks with this track, "The Easy Life".

I really tried to hone in on the natural sounds of the instruments. An acoustic guitar and vocal duet is greeted by a lingering piano. After which, layers of other instruments fall in, such as acoustic drums, hand percussion, clean guitars, and backup vocals. Over-driven Guitars come into play to accentuate climactic moments.

Overall, this song plays on the simple chords and building on instrumental layers and sounds to drive dynamics. I've spent a great deal of time one it, and was the first track I recorded, mixed, and mastered myself from scratch. A huge leap given where I was only months earlier. But I'm always looking for great feedback and chances to learn more!

Artist's website:

Terms of Use: All of my releases are free to download (a business model I want to keep going for as long as possible).

Have a listen to the track and offer your constructive criticism for this Workshop in the comments section.

  • Do you enjoy the song or track itself? Does it have potential?
  • Can the arrangement be improved?
  • How did you find the mix? What would you do differently?
  • What do you enjoy about the rhythm track? What can be done to improve it?
  • Is the choice of instruments relevant and effective for the style/song?
  • Are the lyrics (if any) effective? Does the style, arrangement and genre of the song suit them?
  • Can you suggest any specific techniques that might improve the track?
  • Do you have any other constructive feedback?

Need constructive criticism on your own tracks? Submit them for a workshop using this form. Most but not all submissions are published. There may be a wait of up to two months.

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