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You've Got a Few More Days to Win an M-Audio Fast Track Pro + More


The Be a Cakewalk Coach competition was going to close last night — but luckily for you, we’ve extended the deadline until midnight on October the 10th. After that, entries are closed for good.

What can you win?

  • An M-Audio Fast Track Pro — an excellent digital audio interface
  • Cakewalk’s best package of professional audio software
  • A free promotional campaign for you and your music

How do you win it?

Easy — grab a copy of pyro Audio Creator 1.5, make a five minute screencast that shows off the basics of the application, and upload it to YouTube.

How do I enter?

  • Full instructions are here.
  • The registration form is here.

The challenge is simple, but the prize wins you hundreds of dollars in equipment and is priceless in exposure. Get recording!

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