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Basic Sound Clean-Up for an Audio Novice

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Read Time: 1 min
This post is part of a series called Producing Vocals: From Mic Placement to Mixing.
How to Process Vocals for Podcasts or Voiceover
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Audio geeks aren’t the only people who need to work with audio. Videographers, app developers, podcasters, and even photographers find themselves needing to fix problem audio files from time to time. In this screencast, Randall K. Harp will show you how to perform a basic audio clean-up on a voiceover using a tool you'll have on hand: Adobe Audition.

Here's an outline of the screencast:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:08 Getting the problem audio into Audition
  • 03:05 The "Noise Print" method of noise removal
  • 14:27 The "Adaptive Noise Reduction" method of noise removal
  • 18:47 Removing throat clearing from the voiceover
  • 19:50 Using EQ to boost the mid-range frequencies
  • 20:30 Evening out the volume level across the voiceover
  • 21:09 Boosting the overall volume of the clip
  • 22:38 Review and conclusion
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