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  1. Music & Audio

Music & Audio Learning Guides

What better way to learn new music and audio skills than with a series of carefully crafted learning guides? Each guide is a curated selection of free tutorials designed to help you master a new skill, from arranging for strings to songwriting and composing.

With so much jargon to master in this field, you'll appreciate the guide to music and audio terms. It's perfect for beginners, and even seasoned audio pros will discover some new terms. There are dozens more guides designed to help you master all aspects of music and audio, so why not dip in and see what you can learn?

  1. How to Record Guitar

    10 Posts
    There are a thousand ways to record and mix guitars. Every guitarist has a sound and every mixing engineer has specific mixing tricks that he likes using to draw forward the true character of the guitar. In these tuts you'll find helpful guidelines about recording, EQ, compression and mixing both acoustic and electric guitars.
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  2. Recording Vocals

    13 Posts
    Vocals are key. You can nail everything else, but without great vocals your song will lack life, interest and believability. Since 2008 we’ve been posting some great tutorials to help you achieve the best possible vocals. In this session we introduce you to the best of them.
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  3. Author Interviews

    5 Posts
    We have some amazing authors at Audiotuts+. Besides being incredibly talented at making and producing music, they’ve made the choice to share their knowledge with the rest of us. And that’s not an easy thing to do – they take hours out of their busy days and nights to sit down and write step-by-step tutorials so that we can learn to do what they do.
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  4. Getting Into Game Audio (Premium)

    5 Posts
    Every so often, I’ll get the question, “How can I break into the game industry?” This question usually comes from a young and aspiring musician or audio designer. This series will will try to answer that question. I’ll share with you my path into the game industry, and offer you some of the wisdom, experience, and knowledge I’ve acquired in that time.
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  5. How to Work in Audio: Careers in Sound

    2 Posts
    Interested in working in audio? Audio and sound related careers are varied and diverse, with many different industries needing qualified sound engineers. In the next few posts I’ll guide you through the different careers you can hope to achieve with your audio enthusiasm, from big commercial studio work, entrepreneurial business endeavors to creating sound effects for video games.
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  6. How to Compose Song Demos in GarageBand

    4 Posts
    GarageBand is easy to use, feature rich and affordable, making it a perfect compositional tool for aspiring songwriters. In this series we'll show you how to develop your guitar riffs and chord progressions into fully fledged song demos using GarageBand’s built in tools.
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