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What better way to learn new music and audio skills than with a series of carefully crafted learning guides? Each guide is a curated selection of free tutorials designed to help you master a new skill, from arranging for strings to songwriting and composing.

With so much jargon to master in this field, you'll appreciate the guide to music and audio terms. It's perfect for beginners, and even seasoned audio pros will discover some new terms. There are dozens more guides designed to help you master all aspects of music and audio, so why not dip in and see what you can learn?

  1. Synthesising Sci-Fi Vehicle SFX

    3 Posts
    In this series, I will be using the Malstrom synthesiser in Reason to create electronic tones that can be used while designing engine sounds for vehicles in the sci-fi genre of film and other video based media.
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  2. Getting Into Game Audio (Premium)

    5 Posts
    Every so often, I’ll get the question, “How can I break into the game industry?” This question usually comes from a young and aspiring musician or audio designer. This series will will try to answer that question. I’ll share with you my path into the game industry, and offer you some of the wisdom, experience, and knowledge I’ve acquired in that time.
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